Fill in the missing alleles where T, t represents the height of the tree and G represents the green and g represents the white color of the flower.

  1. TTGG, TTGg, TTGg, TtGg
  2. TtGG, TTgg, TtGG, ttGg
  3. TtGg, ttGG, ttGg, TTgg
  4. Ttgg, TTGG, TTGg, TTgg


Genotype of offspring is obtained by crossing the genes present in the left column with the genes in the upper row of the Punnett square.

The correct answer is: TtGG, TTgg, TtGG, ttGg

    • In a Punnett square, the upper row represents the alleles for the male gametes
    • The left column represents the alleles for the female gametes
    • In the given Punnett square, the cross between:
    1. TG & tG produces TtGG
    2. Tg &Tg produces TTgg
    3. tG &TG producess TtGG
    4. tg & tG produces ttGG
    • The correct option is TtGG, TTgg, TtGG, ttGg