If two species A and B are in mutualism, then:

  1. Species A will benefit and B will be harmed

  2. Only species A will benefit.
  3. Both A and B species will benefit.
  4. None of the above


Both A and B species will benefit

The correct answer is: Both A and B species will benefit.

    If the two species are in mutualism, then both the species will be benefit each other. This relationship is also known as symbiotic relationship or symbiosis.
    Mutualism is a type of symbiotic relationship where all species involved benefit from their interactions. While mutualism is highly complex, it can be roughly broken down into two types of relationship. In some cases, the species are entirely dependent on each other (obligate mutualism) and in others, they derive benefits from their relationship but could survive without each other (facultative mutualism).