Observe the image and choose the correct statement.

  1. To protect themselves from predators, clownfish take refuge in a sea anemone. 
  2. Clownfish develop a mucous coating around themselves during the adaptation process, allowing them to find refuge in the sea anemone without being harmed by its stings.
  3. Clownfish also feed on the remains of sea anemones' last meal, keeping them clean.
  4. All of these


The clownfish follows a symbiotic mutualism with the sea anemones.

The correct answer is: All of these

    • Mutualism is a relationship between two organisms where both get to benefit from one another.
    • The clown fish take refuge in sea anemones to protect themselves from the attack of other organisms.
    • They help the sea anemone to keep them clean by eating their remains of the sea anemones.