Direction : Choose the correct S blend for the word from the option below:
Cartoon Roman Soldier Character Stock Vector - Illustration of board,  armor: 117864709
_ _ear-

  1. Sl
  2. Sm
  3. Sn
  4. Sp


Identify the action in the image and fill in the blanks.

The correct answer is: Sp

    The correct answer is 'sp'.

     If we try to put all the 'S' blends, only 'sp' corresponds with the given picture. All the words may be, 'slear', 'smear', 'spear', 'snear'. Out of these, only 'spear' is the word that shows what is depicted in the picture. The s blend is 'Sp'. The image shows an armed soldier. The complete word is 'Spear'.