Directions: Read the words and rearrange it to create correct sentences.

  1. We should eat vegetables fresh    
  2. We should fresh vegetables eat.    
  3. We should eat fresh vegetables.


The order of words that is largely followed in an English sentence is subject + verb + object.

The correct answer is: We should eat fresh vegetables.

    All three sentences convey the same sense but only one of them is correctly ordered. In assertive sentences, the subject comes directly before the verb. The direct object comes directly after it. An adjective used to describe a noun which is the direct object is generally placed before the object. Hence, 'We should eat fresh vegetables' is the only sentence that follows the correct sentence order. 'We' is the subject of the sentence. 'Should' is the modal auxiliary verb and 'eat' is the main verb. 'Vegetables' is the object of the verb that receives the direct action of the verb. 'Fresh' is the adjective that describes the quality of 'vegetables'.