How do solar panels produce energy?

  1. The Sun gods cry on the panels
  2. Using semiconductors
  3. Using the Sun's heat
  4. By using heat energy


The Sun is a source of energy we use to generate electricity. This is called solar power.

The correct answer is: Using semiconductors

    Solar power converts energy from the Sun into electrical energy. One way to do this is with photovoltaic materials. These can be used to create an electric current when they’re exposed to light. This is called the photovoltaic effectPhotovoltaic cells or solar cells can do this. Manufacturers often put lots of solar cells together to make solar panels.
    ¶A solar panel is made of solar cells sandwiched between layers of clear adhesive film. In front of this is a layer of glass held by a frame. Behind is a layer of aluminum called the backsheet which can conduct electricity. The electricity generated by the solar cells leaves the solar panel at the junction box.