The figure below shows a musical instrument. What is the way in which it can be made to make sound?
Kannan Musical Instruments 4 Piece Tabla Set, Multicolour :  Musical Instruments

  1. By hitting the surface
  2. BY scractiching
  3. By blowing
  4. By shaking


When the leather surface vibrates, air layers also vibrate and produces sound.

The correct answer is: By hitting the surface

    The above musical instrument can be made to make sound by hitting its surface.
    • The sound of musical instruments can be produced by various means.
    • For example, the piano by hitting the keys, and the guitar by plucking its wire.
    • The sound in a tabla or drum can be produced by hitting its surface.
    • When the leather surface thumped or a membrane stretched, wither by fingers or palm.
    • The waves thus created travel in two dimensions and produces sound.