A stone is projected from the ground with velocity 50 blank m divided by s at an angle of 30 degree. It crosses a wall after 3 blank s e c. How far beyond the wall the stone will strike the ground left parenthesis g equals 10 blank m divided by sec to the power of 2 end exponent invisible function application blank right parenthesis

  1. 90.2 blank m    
  2. 89.6 blank m    
  3. 86.6 blank m    
  4. 70.2 blank m    

The correct answer is: 86.6 blank m

    Total time of flight equals fraction numerator 2 u sin invisible function application theta over denominator g end fraction equals fraction numerator 2 cross times 50 cross times 1 over denominator 2 cross times 10 end fraction equals 5 s
    Time to cross the wall equals 3 blank s e c (Given)
    Time in air after crossing the wall equals open parentheses 5 minus 3 close parentheses equals 2 blank s e c
    therefore Distance travelled beyond the wall equals open parentheses u cos invisible function application theta close parentheses t
    equals 50 cross times fraction numerator square root of 3 over denominator 2 end fraction cross times 2 equals 86.6 blank m

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