Match the column.
Column A
Column B
  1. Biotic factor
        i.            Terrestrial
  1. Abiotic factor
       ii.            Plants
  1. Ecosystem
     iii.            Soil

  1. A – iii, B – ii, C – I 
  2. A – ii, B – iii, C – I
  3. A – ii, B – i, C – iii
  4. A – iii, B – i, C – ii


Plants come under biotic factor.
Soil comes under abiotic factor.
Terrestrial ecosystem is a type of ecosystem.

The correct answer is: A – ii, B – iii, C – I

    • Plants, animals, microbes are the biotic components of an ecosystem. 
    • Soil, water  wind etc. Are non living parts of an ecosystem. 
    • Ecosystem are of many types like terrestrial,  aquatic etc.