See the image below and identify the part of the plant absorbing the sunlight?

  1. Roots 
  2. Flower
  3. Stem
  4. Leaves


Inside the plant cell especially in the cells of leaves are small organelles called chloroplasts, which store the energy of sunlight. Within the thylakoid membranes of the chloroplast is a light-absorbing pigment called chlorophyll, which is responsible for giving the plant its green color.

The correct answer is: Leaves

    • Chlorophyll is present in the leaves of the plants
    • Chlorophyll's job in a plant is to absorb light usually sunlight.
    • The energy absorbed from light is transferred to two kinds of energy-storing molecules. Through photosynthesis, the plant uses the stored energy to convert carbon dioxide (absorbed from the air) and water into glucose, a type of sugar.