The correct set of the products obtained in the following reactions is

a) R C N rightwards arrow with text  Reduction  end text on top

b) R CN stack rightwards arrow with left parenthesis straight I right parenthesis CH subscript 3 MgBr on top with left parenthesis II right parenthesis straight H subscript 2 straight O below

c) R N C rightwards arrow with text  Hydrolysis  end text on top

d) R NH subscript 2 rightwards arrow with HNO subscript 2 on top


  1. 2 degreeamineMethyl ketone1 degreeamineAlcohol

  2. 1 degreeamineMethyl ketone1 degreeamineAlcohol
  3. 2 degreeamineMethyl ketone2 degreeamineAcid

  4. 2 degreeamineMethyl ketone2 degreeaminealdehyde

    Answer:The correct answer is: 1 degreeamineMethyl ketone1 degreeamineAlcohol

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