The scatter plot represents the prices and the number of books sold in a bookstore.
a) Identify the cluster in the scatter plot and explain what it means
b) How does the scatter plot show the relationship between the data points? Explain.


A cluster in a scatter plot is a group of points that describes a behavior of the data. They are always in groups and close to each other members.
We are asked to find the cluster and the relationship between the data points.

The correct answer is:

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    The cluster in the given graph is:

    They form a cluster because they are closely arranged and show a similar behavior.
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    Analyzing the data, it is clear that as the number of books sold increases, the price also increase. It is to be kept in minds that although there in an increase, it is slow but steady.
    That is, there exists a positive linear relationship.

    If the variables are directly related, then we can say that there exists a positive relation among the set of points.