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Drexel University – Admissions, Ranking And Acceptance Rates

Sep 23, 2022

Philadelphia’s Drexel University is a highly regarded educational institution with a unique experiential learning philosophy that combines academic rigor with one of the top cooperative education systems in the nation. 

Drexel University collaborates with individuals, groups, and cultures throughout. It has campuses in various locations, including three in Philadelphia. The nation’s largest primary natural science museum and research organization is the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University. One of the most advanced and successful suppliers of online degrees is Drexel Online. One of the top 10 private employers in Philadelphia and a significant contributor to the expansion of the local economy is Drexel University. It is the most socially engaged institution in the country, integrating community involvement into all aspects of service and instruction. 


Drexel’s continuing master plan, “Transforming the New Metropolitan Campus,” directs the university’s course in the twenty-first century. At Drexel University, the founder’s vision of preparing each generation of students for successful professions and public life while focusing on shared abilities in tackling society’s most important issues is accomplished. A comprehensive academically and globally engaged urban research university, Drexel University is dedicated to advancing science and culture and giving each student a rich, focused, conceptual education that is infused with technology and supported by the best cooperative education network in the country. 

Drexel University Tuition 

Due to the fact that Drexel University faces intense competition from other prestigious universities, Drexel University tuition expenses and fees are lower. When it comes to doctorate programs, this university also has the most research activity. Due to this, many students from all over the world choose this university to pursue their Ph.D. degrees since it offers the greatest doctoral programs. At this university, students can choose from more than 300 programs. 


For all students, regardless of residency, the yearly list fee to attend Drexel University full-time in 2022/2023 is $75,146. This price is divided into $53,868 for tuition, $16,008 for housing and board, $1,700 for books and supplies, and $2,370 for additional expenses. Drexel University’s out-of-state tuition is $53,868, the same as for Pennsylvania residents.100% of Drexel University’s full-time undergraduate students who were eligible earned grants, scholarships, or fellowships from the school or federal, state, or local government organizations. 

 The amount of this help per student during the 2019–2020 academic year was $30,449. Aid from grants and scholarships is not subject to repayment. 13% of undergraduates took out private student loans with an average of $27,384, while 57% of students obtained federal student loans with an average of $5,330.


Drexel University Admissions 

Considering applying for admission to Drexel University? Then you need to fulfill the qualifying conditions as indicated by the university. According to the curriculum they choose for their studies, applicants must take one of the stated exams, such as the GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, IELTS, or TOEFL.  

The majority of Drexel professors are employed in the fields they teach, and they “are beyond informed on the subject” (a good number of professors are also Drexel alumni). Although all of their professors are “very educated,” several students acknowledge that “there is occasionally a linguistic barrier.” However, the instructors here are “resourceful and prepared to assist in problem-solving or refer to someone who can.”  


While the quarter system “makes the year go by quickly,” it keeps students intellectually on their toes. One-quarter of system supporters claim, “I was apprehensive at first, but it was worth it. The school succeeds in providing students with “a rigorous, outstanding education that practically assures a job or spot in grad school after graduation,” according to students, who claim that you “can’t top 21 months’ worth of full-time experience.” 

Drexel University medical school, often known as Drexel Med School, may be on your radar if you’re seeking a major medical school with resources for all types of students. 


The institution, one of nine medical schools in Pennsylvania, has among the highest application rates in the country without compromising its goal of educating a committed student body. It’s crucial to consider how the MD program’s curriculum aligns with your academic objectives and vice versa if you’re ready to join their ranks. 

The Hahnemann Medical College, established in 1848, and the Women’s Medical College, the first medical school for women in the world, were combined to become Drexel University Medical School, which is cognizant of its rich past. With a sizable proportion of non-traditional students, the institution continues to support diversity and inclusiveness. 


The Drexel University College of Medicine has a Dec. 1 application deadline. The Drexel University application cost is $100. Full-time tuition is $60,158. Drexel University has a faculty-to-student ratio of 1.1:1. There are 1,208 full-time faculty members in the College of Medicine. 

Drexel University Ranking 

One of the best private institutions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is Drexel University. In the 2023 QS World University Rankings, it is rated between 651 and 700. 

  • #651-700 University rankings by QS 
  • #29 QS WUR Subject Ranking 
  • #151-160 Ranking of Graduate Employability 
  • #67  By US UNI (universities) 

Drexel University Acceptance rate 

Finally, we’ll be looking at the Drexel university acceptance rate. All students want to hear if they will be admitted to the university. Therefore, this is their major concern. According to university administrators, this university’s selection process is far too stringent. Although Drexel University now has an admission rate of 77.4%, it is still essential for candidates to be aware of the minimum standards or grades they should have obtained on the requisite exams. 

Every entrance cycle, the college receives roughly 34,500 applications. In general, 83 per cent of applicants are accepted, which translates to around 29,000 applicants who were accepted into the institution. However, only roughly 2,900 or 10% of the students will have picked Drexel University as their future institution when the academic year begins. According to the application statistics, 47% of applicants were males, and 52% were women; nevertheless, after getting an acceptance letter, only 53% of women chose to enroll at Drexel University, compared to 46% of men. When completing the application, prospective candidates must send Drexel University their ACT or SAT results. 

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