Want to get a graduation or post-graduation degree from George Washington University? If yes, you need to fulfill their SAT, ACT, and GPA criteria to get enrolled. Besides, you need to know George Washington’s acceptance rate and admission requirements.

This article will tell you about all these and how you can improve your existing score to get selected. So take note as you read to prepare for the George Washington University admissions accordingly.

George Washington University Admission Requirements

Before elaborating on the GWU acceptance rate and their scores criteria, let’s understand their basic requirements for admission.

  • SAT/ACT Scores
  • High School GPA Scores
  • Academic Records
  • Recommendation Letters from teachers
  • College Prep Classes
  • TOEFL (Test Of English As A Foreign Language) Examination Results

George Washington University Acceptance Rate

George Washington has an acceptance rate of approximately 43%. It is one of the top universities with the lowest acceptance rate in the District of Columbia. In 2020, the authorities selected 11,366 candidates for George Washington University admissions out of 26,405 candidates. This data proves that George Washington is quite selective in their admission procedure.

George Washington University generally accepts candidates with ‘A’ grades in their high school. So, the class toppers are eligible for admission here.

The acceptance rate has fluctuated with every passing year. The following chart shows the acceptance rate fluctuation from 2016 to 2023.

Year George Washington’s Acceptance Rate
2016-2017 40.2%
2017-2018 41.0%
2018-2019 41.9%
2019-2020 40.8%
2022-2023 38.2%

George Washington University GPA Score Requirements

A GPA score is mandatory to fall under George Washington’s acceptance rate. Thus, if you wish to complete your college course at GW, you must fulfill their GPA criteria. The George Washington University GPA criteria are 3.86 out of 4.00 GPA. In simpler terms, you need an ‘A’ grade in most subjects and a ‘B’ in some subjects for admission. Besides, you must be among the highest scorers in your class. Furthermore, you need to have completion certificates in IB or AP courses. 

If you fulfill these needs, you can apply for the George Washington University admissions. But, if you fail to meet these scores, you can compensate with high SAT or ACT scores. You can either sit for SAT or ACT based on your interests and try to achieve more to balance a low GPA.

George Washington University SAT Score Requirements

SAT scores are not mandatory at George Washington University. But, you can send it to improve your chances of admission. Besides, you can send it if you fail to meet the GPA score criteria needed to fall under the GWU acceptance rate list. As per the 2017-2018 admission, many students submitted their GPA scores, and 50% got admitted.

SAT Range (Admitted Students)
Section 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Math 640 740
Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 640 720

This table shows that the students who got admission to George Washington University are among the top 20% of applicants. For the Math section, candidates who got scores between 640 to 740 were 50% of the admitted candidates. The remaining 25% were above 740 and below 640. 

For the ERW section, students who achieved scores between 640 to 720 were 50% of the admitted students. Again, the remaining 25% were above 720 and below 640. With that information, applicants with a 1460 SAT score or more were considered within the GWU acceptance rate list. 

GWU does not have a mandatory SAT score check policy. So, you might avoid taking the SAT examination. But if you wish to improve your admission chances, you can appear for the SAT and try to achieve more here. GW has a score choice program, i.e., the authorities will consider your highest SAT score for selection or rejection. 

For instance: you can appear for the SAT exam as many times as you wish and send them all to place your name on the GW University acceptance rate list. Authorities will pick the highest score for every subject and shortlist candidates accordingly. This means you have a genuine chance of scaling up your admission possibilities. 

George Washington University ACT Score Requirements

If you want to compensate for a low GPA score, you can sit for the ACT examination. The ACT exam is not required at GW, but the authorities will consider it if you want to improve your chances. Referring to the 2017-18 admission, 34% of the students got admitted based on their ACT scores. George Washington University’s ACT score requirement is 32 ACT.

ACT Range (Admitted Students)
Section 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Math 26 31
English 30 35
Composite 29 32

According to the table above, candidates who got admission to GW were among the top 9% of students nationally. The middle 50% of students admitted to GW had ACT scores ranging from 29 to 32. The rest had ACT scores below 29 or above 32.

Unlike SAT, the authorities at George Washington University do not superscore ACT results. But, you can take the ACT as many times as you want and send the highest score yourself for consideration. It is optional, like the SAT examination.

How To Improve ACT and SAT Scores?

Improving ACT and SAT scores is not as difficult as it might seem. Neither will you need to enroll in coaching centers to improve your scores. If you know the right strategy to study, you can do it without any help. The following tips will help improve your ACT and SAT scores and place your name on the GW University acceptance rate list.

Take Practise Tests

Practice tests help determine how good or bad your preparation is for the examination. So, after completing each lesson, take practice tests. Understand your weak areas and questions that you cannot answer and practice them more. The more you practice, the better your concepts will be.

Make A Study Schedule

Here’s a success mantra for all candidates – make a study schedule. This will help sort your curriculum, and if you can follow it, you can cover the syllabus easily. So, before beginning the lesson, make a study schedule as per your convenience and follow it regularly.

Study The Difficult Topics First

If you like to study the easy topics first and keep the difficult ones for later, it is time to change this habit. Difficult topics need more study time, so begin with them first. Then, you can go through the easier topics after completing the difficult ones. This way, you will cover all the syllabus topics, answer all questions in the examination and get through the GW University acceptance rate.

George Washington University High School Class Rank Requirements

As per 2020 records, 84% of the students who got admission to George Washington University were amongst the top 25% of their senior class. 

High School Class Rank First-Year Students Within Range
Top 10%  50%
Top 25%  84%
Top 50%  98%
Bottom 50% 2%
Bottom 25% 0%

Academic Records Needed For Post-Graduate Admission To George Washington University

You need to have good academic records, ACT/SAT, and GPA scores to get through the undergraduate admission. But for post-graduation, you need to have more documents. For example, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. Besides, international applicants must have a degree that follows national standards.

Apart from this, you must submit a marks certificate, transcript, and proof of degree. Besides, a completion certificate for any program is also essential to submit to be considered under the GW University acceptance rate. You should submit your unofficial transcripts to the college’s website. The authorities will check the documents and make a list for admission. If you get selected, you will then have to submit official copies. As per the University norms, do not send official copies without permission.

You should follow the guidelines mentioned below to submit the transcripts properly.

  • Send a black and white scanned version of the transcript.
  • Scan the transcript under 200 dpi resolution.
  • Include one transcript while sending the application to every university.
  • Avoid sending password-protected, certified, or encrypted files. Ensure that it is accessible to the authorities. 
  • Make sure that you can print the copy on letter size or A4 paper.
  • View and check the document after uploading to send the transcript properly. 


Now you know everything about George Washington University’s acceptance rate and admission requirements. Here’s a recap for you!

You need to have a 3.86 GPA to get admitted to George Washington University. But, if you don’t have one, you can sit for SAT or ACT and get 1460 SAT or 32 ACT scores simultaneously.

George Washington University’s acceptance rate has reduced in 2022. So, you need to get above-average marks for admission. Try to achieve a score in the 90s category for admission. You can boost your application with good extracurricular performance, and recommendation letters. Besides, you can follow the tips stated above to increase your admission chances.