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May 9, 2022 | Turito Team USA

ohio state acceptance rate

Ohio State University is a popular institution that offers a selective range of programs to students. Every year more than 48,000 first-year candidates apply for admission at OSU. If you are a high school student who aims to pursue higher studies here, it is essential to know the Ohio State acceptance rate, and OSU admission requirements which include Ohio State GPA, Ohio State SAT scores, and other crucial Ohio State requirements.

This article provides detailed information that can help prepare a strong application for the admission procedure.

A brief overview of OSU

Ohio State University was founded in 1870 in Ohio, United States. Today, its main campus is in Columbus, and it functions as a public institution. The university enrolls nearly 63,000 students in different programs yearly. 

The college is renowned for its excellent sports facilities. Moreover, it is ranked #9 as the best athletic college in the state. In addition to this, OSU also offers an excellent academic environment to students. 

Ohio State acceptance rate

Before starting the application process for university admission, the first thing every candidate should know is the acceptance rate. This is crucial because the acceptance rate provides information about the level of competition candidates face during the admission process.

From the previous year’s admission data, the OSU acceptance rate is estimated at 53.7%. This data makes the university moderately competitive. The school accepts more than half of the applicants during the admission procedure.

Last year around 49,087 candidates applied for admission at OSU, and the university accepted 26,360 candidates. The university is ranked #25 in Ohio as the most challenging university with this figure. If you meet all the essential factors for OSU admissions, you have a great chance of admission to the preferred course. 

Academically OSU admission requirements are exceptionally high. Generally, the OSU admissions committee considers students in the top 20% of the test takers. In addition, applicants with A- or higher grades in their high school are preferred for OSU admissions.

OSU Admission Requirements

The university considers various factors while reviewing the applications of candidates. Four factors are regarded as the most crucial Ohio State requirements for admission. These include:

  • Applicant’s Ohio State GPA
  • ACT and Ohio State SAT scores 
  • The class rank of the applicant
  • Course difficulty in high school

Apart from these, Ohio State requirements for admission also include the following important factors:

  • Essay writing
  • Extracurriculars were taken by the applicant
  • First-generation to go to college
  • Talent 
  • Volunteer/work experience

The following factors constitute less important for the Ohio State admission process:

  • Letters of recommendation
  • Geographic or state residency
  • The personal quality of the applicant
  • Ethnicity 

The admission officers carefully review each application to make a fair and efficient decision. Generally, they seek the following qualities in their prospective students:

  • Applicants who have taken difficult courses in high school and are compatible with the rigorous academics of the university. This is decided by comparing the applicant’s high school GPA to Ohio State’s average GPA.
  • Applicants who demonstrate excellent leadership quality through their extracurricular and volunteer work.
  • Candidates who have an eye for strength in diversity can channel the diverse environment to accomplish tasks and increase productivity.
  • Applicants who can collaborate with the group efficiently to solve a given problem.
  • Those applicants can use all the available resources to make a positive impact on society.

In addition to the points mentioned above, Ohio State’s acceptance rate is also influenced by the athletic spirit of applicants. The university is well-known for its 37 NCAA Div-1 sports teams. Moreover, nearly 1,040 athletic students constitute the student population at OSU.

Student Body at Ohio State University

Students’ demography is another important factor that applicants need to understand campus life. Previous year’s first-year students hailed from the following demographics:

Demography  Percentage 
In-state students 67%
Out-state students 33%

Most students were from the below-mentioned areas:

State  No. of students
Ohio  6,057
New York 329
Illinois 324
Pennsylvania  213
New Jersey 253

There is a huge competition among the qualified applicants for different streams for the out-state residents. Applicants coming from less populated states like South Dakota or Wyoming have added benefits of getting admission to their preferred course at Ohio State University.

According to ethnicity, students from one ethnic background make the highest number of students at OSU. The following table broadly segregates the student population at Ohio State according to ethnicity:

Ethnicity  Percentage
White/Caucasian 66%
Asian American 8%
Hispanic 5%
African American 7%
International  8%

Ohio State GPA Requirements

From the previous year’s admission data, the average OSU GPA is estimated at 3.76. Ohio state average GPA makes the college highly selective. Therefore, applicants need to improve their high school grades to meet Ohio State University GPA requirements to secure a seat in their opted course. 

According to Ohio State GPA, applicants who constitute the A- group in their high schools have a good chance of getting accepted at the university. The university ranks #3 in Ohio for having the highest average GPA requirements for offering admission. 

Having a good OSU GPA is not the only factor considered by the admission committee. Applicants are required to take challenging AP and IB courses to satisfy Ohio State GPA requirements and catch the attention of college authorities during application review.

The following table demonstrates detailed information on Ohio State University GPA requirements and selection chances:

OSU GPA OSU acceptance rate Competitiveness
Above 3.75 40% Good 
3.50 – 3.75 26% Above average
3.25 – 3.50 17% Below average
3.00 – 3.25 13% Reach 
2.75 – 3.00 5% Reach 
2.50 – 2.75 1% Low 

Ohio State University ACT Requirements

In addition to Ohio State’s average GPA, an applicant’s ACT score is another crucial factor influencing the OSU acceptance rate. Last year nearly 80% of the total applicants submitted their ACT scores in the OSU admission application. 

According to last year’s admission statistics, it is evident that the university accepts applicants with an ACT above 23. This figure ranks OSU at #5 in Ohio for seeking the highest ACT score in admission applications. 

Generally, applicants whose complete ACT score is above 32 are given top priority when offered a seat during the admission process. However, in certain circumstances, the university accepts applicants with a composite ACT score as low as 23.

The average ACT requirement makes OSU competitive. Generally, the students in the top 37% of the national test takers are considered suitable for admission. The high competitive ACT score requirement ranks the school in 29th position in California.

The following table provides information on ACT scores and their competitiveness for OSU admissions:

ACT score Acceptance chances Competitiveness
Above 32 Above 78% Good 
29 – 32 68 – 78% Above average
26 – 29 56 – 68% Below average
23 – 26 42 – 56% Reach 
Below 23 Below 42% Low 

Ohio State SAT Score Requirements

Applicants’ SAT scores are great indicators of their academic knowledge and strategic preparation. Therefore, SAT score is a crucial factor apart from OSU GPA for offering admissions. 

Last year around 35% of the total applicants submitted their composite SAT scores to get admission to their preferred course. Generally, the school seeks applicants in the top 23% of the national SAT test-takers. This makes the college extremely selective in reviewing applications.

According to last year’s admission data, the average SAT score at OSU is estimated to be 1210 on a scale of 1600. Candidates who score lower than the university’s average SAT face hurdles in receiving an admission offer. OSU ranks #4 in Ohio for considering the highest SAT score in reviewing applications for admission. However, in certain situations, the university has accepted students with an SAT score as low as 1100.

The following table broadly demonstrates applicant’s chances of getting admission according to their SAT scores:

SAT score OSU acceptance rate Competitiveness
Above 1430 Above 78% Good 
1320 – 1430 68 – 78% Above average
1210 – 1320 56 – 68% Below average
1100 – 1210 42 – 56% Reach 
Below 1100 Below 42% Low 

Tips to Improve Your Chances of Selection at OSU 

If you want to apply for OSU admission in the coming session, it is important to draft a strong application to increase your chances of selection.

The following points can help grasp the attention of admission officers at OSU:

  • Focus on meeting the Ohio State GPA requirements. Having a competitive high school GPA is a crucial factor for admission. Moreover, Ohio State University GPA requirements seek applicants with challenging AP and IB courses. Therefore, for this high school, students should focus on improving their grades from the beginning.
  • Take standardized tests multiple times to reach your target score.
  • Write a solid essay to communicate your professional targets and how OSU can help you accomplish them.
  • Provide a minimum of two recommendations from your previous school faculties.

Although OSU is moderately comparative in the selection process, its academic requirements are extremely high. Therefore, applicants need to improve their grades from the first year of high school. However, other aspects of getting into the college include:

  • Having a strong athletic background.
  • Writing a convincing essay.
  • Getting involved in extracurricular and volunteer activities.

These factors can help showcase your potential to add value to the campus.

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