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Towson University – Admissions, Rankings and Acceptance Rates

Sep 22, 2022

Towson University is one of the top 100 public universities in the nation and is situated in Maryland. It is Maryland’s first training school for teachers and was founded in the year 1866. Towson University is an everlasting popular place of education for all students, and currently, it has a campus area of 329 acres. It provides excellent opportunities for students with academic excellence, scholarly research, and career success. Towson is one of the largest universities where students can pursue diverse interests and cultivate and develop undiscovered as well as new talents and skills. 

Towson University – An Overview 

Towson University is the 2nd largest and most well-known institution within the top University System of Maryland as well as the 12th biggest public university system in the U. S. The university is sure to provide its students with the best education by all means and is also focused on developing their skills. Extracurricular activities are highly encouraged in this university which will help a student to gain much more knowledge and skills. As it is one of the best universities in Maryland, it creates the most qualified teachers (both in number and education level) in the state.


Towson University provides 110 Undergraduate degree programs and over 80 Post graduate degree programs for both local and international candidates. Another important fact about this University is that it is the only public university in the United States that offers an undergraduate degree in e-Business. Towson University now provides around thirty academic departments for Undergraduates and Postgraduates, which are divided into eight colleges.

  • College of Education
  • College of Business and Economics
  • College of Health Professions
  • Jess and Mildred Fisher College of Science and Mathematics
  • College of Graduate Studies and Research
  • Towson University of Honors College
  • Towson University College of Fine Arts and Communication
  • College of Liberal Arts
School TypePublic University
Founding year1866
Academic calendar followedSemester System
Setting – LocationCity – Baltimore
Phone+1 410-704-2000

As mentioned earlier, Towson University is the best place for those who are planning to take part in teacher’s programs. Towson University is also recognized as one of the best universities for values in higher education (by Money magazine). The current Towson University tuition fee for undergraduate students who are MD residents is $ 10,818, while those who are out of state will have to pay $26,820. The Postgraduate program’s tuition fee is estimated per unit cost, and it is around $642 for MD residents and $1,158 for students out of the state.


Where is Towson University Located?

The beautiful 329-acre suburban campus of Towson Campus is situated 8 miles north of Baltimore and provides a conducive learning environment. It is a public school in the University System of Maryland in Towson, Maryland, USA.

Towson University – Ranking and Achievements 2022 

With world-class teaching and research, thriving diversity, and inclusion, the best education, outstanding facilities, and features, Towson University has received many achievements and good positions in different rankings. Some of the Towson University rankings are

  •  It is the 99th best public university in the country (among the national public universities)– U.S. News & World Report 2022
  • Top 35 national public universities – Washington Monthly 2021
  • Received a rank of 117 for the Best public institutions for student outcomes – The Wall Street Journal / Times Higher Education 2022 College Rankings
  • One of the top 9% worldwide universities in 2022-2023 – The Centre of World University Rankings
  • 50th university in Best Colleges in America by Value list – Money magazine 

Towson University Admissions 

Towson University offers the best campus that every candidate will surely like to move into. With over 110 academic programs, excellent campus facilities, a dynamic campus environment, and a strong alumni network, this university is the best option for students to get the best education with skill development. Towson University is one of the fast-growing universities in the state of Maryland and holds a total enrollment of 20,856 students. Currently, there are 17,907 undergraduate students and 2,949 postgraduate students. Since Towson University admission facilities are available online, it is easy for a candidate to make the application by filling out the application form. 

Admission Details – Requirements  

There are specific Towson University admission requirements that all the candidates must have to get admission to the college, and they differ for graduates and undergraduates.


Undergraduate degree application requirements 

  • Freshman Common Application (including your activities and essay).
  • Official high school transcript
  • Test scores (Optional)
  • Proofs for English language proficiency

 Post-Graduation application requirements 

  • Application with application fee
  • Your transcript
  • Letters of recommendation with email addresses
  • Additional materials for English-language proficiency
  • Additional materials for English-language proficiency, credential evaluation (for international applicants)
Undergraduate programs – opening datesNovember 15 (2022), February 1 (2023)
Postgraduate programs – opening datesJanuary 7, May 1
Application fee$45 – for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate applicants (non-refundable)
Application PortalUniversity Site or Common Application
Average SAT Score (Towson University SAT requirements)1060-1220
Towson university GPA (average)3.7

Academic Life at Towson University 

Academic excellence is one of the top priorities of Towson University; thus, they provide inspiring faculty and interactive learning experiences. You will be able to work with internationally known professionals like authors, scientists, artists, etc. All these will surely help a student to gain much more experience and knowledge from them rather than from the books. Michael Locksley, Jason Chato, Rob Sharps, Steve Arbaugh, and All Kashlinskaya are some of the Towson University notable Alumni who have become great inspirations for the new admissions.

 Apart from education, students will be able to utilize every minute of their college life effectively and efficiently. All the students from across the country and the world can get involved in student activities, from gallery exhibitions to guest lectures, based on their wishes. There are over 300 student organizations and groups, which are sure to bring a lot of interest and entertainment to them.


Towson University Predictable Acceptance Rate for the 2022-2023 Session

 Towson University acceptance rate is 79%. 50% of the applicants admitted to the university have an SAT score ranging from 1040 to 1200 or an ACT score between 20 and 25. The rest of it is divided above and below this average score.

Towson University Admissions – A Recap

 Towson University is one of the top 100 Public universities in the country. It provides a welcoming environment for learning, outstanding facilities, and good education for the development of the students. With a beautiful campus and many extracurricular activities, it is sure that Towson University will provide the best campus life for all students. It is also the best place for teachers’ training and is particularly famous for this reason too. The complete details of Towson University, with all the information regarding admission, tuition fees, degree programs, and requirements, are available in this article.

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Towson University


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