University of Florida Acceptance Rate and GPA Requirements

Mar 31, 2022 | Turito Team USA

university of florida acceptance rate

Do you want to pursue your graduation from the University Of Florida? Are you looking for the University of Florida acceptance rate? Do you want to know about the University of Florida admission requirements? If you are nodding yes to all these questions, this guide will be useful to you.

We will tell you everything you need to know before applying to the University of Florida. So, relax, and take notes of the important points as we mention them for your guidance. But, first, we’ll begin with the University of Florida’s acceptance rate.

Acceptance Rate Of The University Of Florida

Let’s first know the U of Florida acceptance rate before moving on to the admission requirements. Different colleges have different acceptance rates. For Florida, the acceptance rate is 38.8%. This means the University selects 39 out of 100 students. Furthermore, this also means that the college is quite strict with its admission process. So, you have to score well in GPA, SAT, or ACT to get admission to the University. If you abide by the other requirements but don’t have a good score, your application will get rejected. So, try to get the best results possible from the above-mentioned exams.

Acceptance Rate Of 2024 Class

Around 49401 students applied for the 2024 class. Only 14561 got selected based on their ACT, GPA, and SAT scores as per the University of Florida out-of-state acceptance rate. This U of Florida acceptance rate is less than last year. In the 2023 class, more students were selected. This means that the University has become more strict from 2022 onwards. They give more priority to the in-state students than the outside candidates. So, if you are from outside and passionate about the University, get good scores in the examination to put your name under the U Florida acceptance rate list. Show the scores off in your application and increase your chance of admission to your dream college. 

University Of Florida GPA Requirements

Now let’s know about the University Of Florida’s GPA requirements. You’ll often see colleges claiming that they don’t have GPA criteria. But the truth is they do. They keep basic GPA criteria and shortlist only those candidates who meet the basic GPA. Talking about Florida, they have a GPA of 4.42. With such a GPA, you need to be a topper in class or have A’s in almost all subjects. Besides, you should also have a completion certificate in IB or AP courses.

If you have a low GPA, there is nothing to worry about. You can score more in SAT or ACT to improve your chances. Besides, you can also get certification in other activities to impress the authorities.

University Of Florida SAT and ACT Requirements

Apart from the GPA scores, SAT and ACT scores are also important as per the University of Florida admission requirements. While some schools might need only the ACT or SAT score, some might ask for SAT subject test scores. Don’t worry! We’ll tell you about the requirements for the SAT subject test in the article as well. But let’s focus on SAT and ACT requirements for now.

University Of Florida SAT Requirements

The average SAT score that the University of Florida expects from its students in 1360. So, if you have this score, then congratulations, you have met the criteria. But if you don’t have one, try to achieve excellent results in the ACT.

1360 SAT score is moderately competitive. So, you should not face many difficulties getting the score during the examination. All you need to do is prepare in advance to answer with confidence and get selected as per the University of Florida admission requirements.

University Of Florida SAT Score Analysis (New 1600 SAT)

As per the 75th percentage, the SAT score is 1440, and for the 25th percentile, the SAT score is 1280. In other words, 1280 is a below-average score, and 1440 is an above-average score.

Here’s how the SAT score is categorically divided.

Section Average 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Math 685 640 730
Reading + Writing 675 640 710
Composite 1360 1280 1440

SAT Score Choice Policy

Every college has a different scoring policy. The University of Florida has a scoring policy of “Highest Section.” This is also called superscoring. If you are wondering what superscoring is, it means that the University will consider the highest score you get in the examination. For example, you can take the SAT examination as many times as you like and submit all the results to the University. The University will pick the highest score and discard the rest. 

The University of Florida has used this testing formula for years, and it has been useful for many students. Students can now reappear for the SAT examination if they score below 1440 unless they get their desired score. This increases the chance of clearing the SAT eligibility criteria and including yourself in the University of Florida acceptance rate list.

Besides, superscoring will also help you focus on every examination subject. For example, you can sit for one subject for one examination and then prepare for the next subject and sit for it next year. This way you will have more time for the preparation of each subject.

University Of Florida ACT Requirements

Like SAT, the University of Florida doesn’t have an ACT cut-off either. But they have a basic score, and if you get marks below that score, your application will get rejected. The average SAT score that is a must for admission is 30. The 75th percentile ACT mark is 32 and for the 25th percentile is 27. So, if you get less than 27, you need to add weightage to your application form through other methods. For example, you can add in certification courses or get more marks in SAT or GPA to compensate for the low score.

ACT Score Sending Policy

Although sitting for the ACT or SAT is completely your choice, sitting for the ACT exam can be more beneficial. How? For the ACT exam, you can take as many tests as you want and send the score that makes you happy. Now you might ask if this was also the case for SAT. Yes, in the SAT examination, the University of Florida also considers the highest score. But, in SAT, the institution would need you to send all the tests you have taken. But here, it is not required. So, you have complete control over which score you want to send and which to not. Isn’t that amazing?

Try to send a score of 32 or above to higher your chance of selection as per the University of Florida admission requirements. If you don’t get this score, keep reappearing until you get one.

ACT Superscore Policy

Unlike SAT, many institutions don’t superscore the ACT mark when it comes to the ACT. This is because the students themselves send the highest score they get in the ACT examination. Aim for a 32 score in the ACT and once you achieve it, forward it to the University for selection. This way, you can put your name in the University of Florida out-of-state acceptance rate chart. 

SAT Or ACT Writing Section Requirements

We’ll now look at the SAT or ACT writing section requirements as promised. Both ACT and SAT exams have a section of essay writing. It is optional for many universities. But, for the University of Florida admission, you must appear for the section. Besides, if you do so, you will become more eligible for admission than other candidates who did not sit for the essay writing test. It also increases your chances of establishing your name in the U Florida acceptance rate list.

SAT Subject Test Requirements

SAT subject test requirements are different for every school. Also, some schools might need it, and some might not. As far as the University of Florida is concerned, it is most likely that they do not need SAT subject test to put your name on the U Florida acceptance rate list. But the criteria might change every year. Therefore, it would be wise to call up the University 6 months before applying to determine whether you need to sit for the SAT subject test.


So now you know everything about the GPA, SAT, and ACT requirements and U of Florida acceptance rate. You also know that the institution is quite selective, and so high academic scores are important to fall in the University of Florida out-of-state acceptance rate list. So, if you don’t have one, start studying from today to improve your chance of getting into the University. Additionally, work on extracurriculars and certification courses to keep yourself ahead in the competition. 

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