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University Of Pittsburgh – Admissions, Rankings And Acceptance Rates

Sep 23, 2022

The University of Pittsburgh is highly selective; one of the leading universities in the United States, and its admissions process is one of the most rigorous in the region. The University of Pittsburgh is a public university established in 1787 and is situated in the Pennsylvanian neighborhood of Oakland. 

Numerous undergraduate programs are available, including business, engineering, law, and health sciences. In addition, the University has a strong focus on research and innovation. And it has achieved excellent rankings in several academic journals. In addition, the University offers a variety of scholarships and grants to help students achieve their goals. 


To be admitted to the University of Pittsburgh, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent, score in the top half of the U.S. college entrance exams, and have a minimum 3.5 GPA. You must submit an application, a resume, a test score, and a statement of purpose. You also need to provide a deposit, a letter of recommendation, and a fee waiver (if seeking). 

The acceptance rate for out-of-state students is about half that for in-state students, but both are still relatively low. Once you’re in, you’ll be challenged academically and have access to all the opportunities and resources that University offers. 


What are the University of Pittsburgh’s undergraduate Programs? 

The curriculum at the University of Pittsburgh is vast and diverse, with more than 100-degree programs and more than 40 minors. Most students choose to major in science or mathematics, but there are a variety of majors that students may choose. Undergraduate programs at the University of Pittsburgh range from a single year to four-year programs and include the following: Business Administration-BBA; Engineering-EBL; Veterinary Biomedical Sciences-VBMS; Veterinary Public Health-VPHM; Health Professions-H.P. dental hygiene, nutrition, medicine, and sociology. 

University of Pittsburgh Admission Process: 

50% of the applicants accepted to the University of Pittsburgh have an ACT score of 28 and 32 or an SAT score of between 1243 and 1420. Nevertheless, 25% of accepted applicants received scores above these limits, while 25% received scores below these levels. 


Students can use the University’s online or standard application to submit an admissions application. For undergraduate courses, application fees are 55 USD, while graduate course application prices range. 

  • Complete the online application using the University portal or common Application Portal. 
  • Complete admission fee of $55. 
  • Complete the SRAR step – Self-recorded academic records with all the educational transcripts.  
  • Submit an updated CV, English proficiency test, and SAT/ACT scores. 

The Admissions Office will examine the applicant’s application after the student is accepted, along with all other applicants, to determine which students are admitted and which are not. Admissions officers also review each applicant’s cumulative grade point average (GPA) to ensure that the school is receiving a quality education. 


Its admissions staff is highly experienced and knowledgeable. In addition, the University is constantly striving to improve its academic quality and student satisfaction. So if you’re looking to apply to Pittsburgh, be prepared to put in the hard work.   

University of Pittsburgh ranking: 

The University of Pittsburgh has achieved excellent college rankings for many years. It is highly ranked in several academic publications, including the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges and Bloomberg Business week’s Best Colleges. The University of Pittsburgh’s  is #59 nationally in the 2022 edition of Best Colleges. Some of the significant University of Pittsburgh rankings  

  • 59th out of all national universities (tie) 
  • #29 in the list of the best universities for veterans (tie) 
  • #327 in the list of top social mobility performers (tie) 
  • 20th place among top public schools (tie) 
  • 56th Position in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs 
  • #7th in top Nursing schools 

These rankings are determined by various variables, such as student surveys, assessments of academic quality, faculty research, and the availability of athletic programs. 

University of Pittsburgh Acceptance Rate: 

The University of Pittsburgh accepts a comparatively low number of students each year. The average waitlist for incoming students is 18 months. Admission is highly selective, with an average of 64% of applicants being considered.  


With an acceptance rate of 64%, the University of Pittsburgh received 34,656 applications for the Class of 2022, and 23,109 were accepted. Twenty-eight thousand six hundred seventy-three students currently attend the University, including 19,000 undergraduates and 7,000 or more graduate students. 

Of the 64% acceptance rate, only 22-23% of students choose to enroll at the University. The acceptance rate at Pittsburgh is almost nearer to the national average of all colleges acceptance rate of around 58%. Similarly, the acceptance rate for the year 2017 was 55.4%, which was raised to 59.7% and  59.3% for 2018 and 2019, respectively.   


University of Pittsburgh Bradford: 

The University of Pittsburgh Bradford is one of the four institutions that make up the Commonwealth System of Higher Education and is a regional campus of the University of Pittsburgh. The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools has granted accreditation to the University of Pittsburgh (including the University of Pittsburgh Bradford. And it’s other regional campuses). 

University of Pittsburgh Johnstown: 

Johnstown, Pennsylvania’s University of Pittsburgh Johnstown (UPJ or Pitt-Johnstown) is a public university. It is a regional campus of the University of Pittsburgh that offers baccalaureate degrees. The University was established in 1927 as one of the first regional campuses of a significant university in the United States and is situated in Richland Township, a suburb of Johnstown. 

UPMC – University of Pittsburgh medical center: 

The University of Pittsburgh has a tight relationship with its partner medical institution, the UPMC (University of Pittsburgh medical center), a recognized global health care provider and insurer with its corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh. With nearly 40 hospitals, 92,000 employees, and 8000+ licensed beds, the University of Pittsburgh medical center is a $23 billion integrated, nonprofit global health organization. 

It is regarded as a top American healthcare provider because its flagship hospitals have been listed on the “Honor Roll” of the top 15 to 20 hospitals in America for more than 15 years by the U.S. News & World Report. 

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