All About the NEET Online Test Series

For almost every 10+2 medical student, the National Testing Agency (NTA) organizes the NEET exam every year. Numerous medical aspirants prepare for it and attempt the exam. However, only a handful manage to get their desired score. The ones who get the top ranks do so by putting in all their efforts and preparing for NEET with an effective strategy. 

An excellent way to boost your NEET exam preparation is by opting for online test series for NEET. It is a perfect method to check your grasp of all the concepts. Online test series were popular even before the lockdown, but post lockdown it has become a necessity for your exam preparation.  

Typically, these test series are available online for free and are crafted by experts in the industry. They help students boost their confidence and prepare them for real-time exam situations. Students can even get their hands on some of the paid series. These series are cost-effective and most even give detailed feedback on your performance. Turito offers some of the best set of test series for NEET aspirants, that can help them achieve their desired scores. Here is all you need to know about the online test series: 

Online Test Series for NEET – Why Choose Them? 

NEET-UG is an exam for admission to India’s leading MBBS, BDS, Veterinary, AYUSH, and numerous other medical courses and institutions. The exam occurs every year in multiple test centers across the country.  

To this date, this medical entrance exam is one of the most challenging ones to crack for the students. While students need to get the concepts ready for the exam, the best online test series for NEET can give that additional boost to their preparation. 

Before we see how it can do so, let us tell you a bit about the NEET exam details. 

NEET Medical Entrance Exam Details 

When you hear about NEET, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Most students think about admission to MBBS or BDS courses. However, several other opportunities can come your way after you manage to crack the NEET exam. Some of these include: 

  •  Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
  • Bachelor of Unani Medicine (BUMS)
  • Bachelor in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (B.Pth)
  • Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS)
  • Siddha Medicine
  • Yoga and Naturopathy

Other important details about the NEET Exam are covered below: 

The pattern of The NEET Exam 

English is the primary medium for the NEET exam. However, students can opt from ten other languages. 

  • The exam is in MCQ format. 
  • The total duration of the exam is 180 minutes and the entire paper is 720 marks. 
  • The exam is divided into three sections subject-wise; Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.  
  •  Biology has 90 questions in total, and Physics, Chemistry has 45 questions each.  
  • For every correct answer, 4 marks are rewarded and 1 mark is deducted for every wrong answer, making the negative marking of ¼.   
  • If a candidate skips a question, there is no negative marking done.  

How Do Online Test Series for NEET Work? 

Students can find various NEET test series online, and these can turn out to be beneficial for them to prepare for the exam efficiently. This, in turn, can help them score better. Now, you can come across several such series on the web. However, not all are worth your time. Make sure to look for an online test series that follows the exam pattern and syllabus. 

An ideal online test series for NEET should be easy to follow and offer hassle-free preparation. When you solve an ideal test series, you can not only analyze your understanding of the concepts but also learn how to manage time during the exam and thereby score better. Taking a test series that provides a detailed answer key with solutions provides additional help in assessing mistakes.  

A typical online test series for NEET comprises of the following: 

  •  Part-Syllabus Tests
  • Quarter-Syllabus Tests
  • Half-Syllabus Tests
  • Full-Syllabus Tests

Also, students need to solve them over a particular time. Usually, the platform announces the chapter for these well in advance so that the students can prepare for them beforehand. Also, students can choose to give them as per their convenience. Since these are online, aspirants do not have to worry about reaching a place and spending hours traveling. 

Still, for best results, candidates must attempt any online test series keeping the real exam environment in mind. It makes it easier to analyze the performance and understand strong/weak areas. This analysis can help aspirants refine their NEET preparation strategy if needed. 

What to Look for In Online test series for NEET? 

 A perfect online test series for NEET should allow students to practice MCQs and build up their confidence. Here is what to look for in the best test series for NEET preparation: 

For more tips and tricks on solving MCQs quickly, read: 

It Should Cover All Important Topics 

Whenever you search for “NEET test series pdf free download,” make sure to choose the result that has series that follow the updated NEET exam syllabus. It should cover all the important topics and concepts that have more chances to appear on the actual test day.  

It Should Give You a Detailed Analysis of Your Performance. 

Solving the test series is not enough. After you are done with it, the best series should help you in evaluating your performance well. Usually, the platforms give students a detailed analysis of their attempts so that they know what areas they need to focus on more. Also, it will help them find well-prepared topics, and they can mark them off their list. 

It Should Have a Flexible Exam Schedule and Location. 

The best part about an online test series for NEET is that it is conducted online. Also, usually, the students get the schedule for the same months in advance. Thus, they can take it from the comfort of their space and time. If a test series is not flexible, think before opting for it. 

Conclusion – Benefits of Taking Online Test Series for NEET Preparation 

For all the students gearing up for the NEET exam this year, opting for an online test series is an excellent idea. If you are still doubtful about it, here is why you should find one now: 

It Can Help You Learn Better Time Management Skills. 

We are confident that you may be aware of how crucial time management is for the NEET exam. With an online test series, aspirants get to follow the time limit similar to that of the NEET exam. They will have to complete the exam in 180 minutes, and not a single extra minute is given. This way, by the time the test day approaches, they would know how to divide time well to complete the test in time. 

It Helps Students Find the Right Strategy. 

Some NEET aspirants like solving the easy questions first. However, for some, it may be the other way around. They may want to get done with the difficult ones first. Whatever it is, an online test series gives you enough chances to find the right strategy for you. 

It Is the Best Way to Get A Real-time Exam Feel. 

Any ideal online test series for NEET follows the exact NEET pattern and syllabus. Thus, these can give a real-time experience of the awaiting NEET exam before the test day. When students perform well in these, it can give them an additional boost to perform well on the exam day. 

Now that you know the benefits of the online test series for NEET preparation, opt for one now and get a better chance at scoring well in the exam. Good luck!