NEET Question Paper with Answer Key Of Previous Year (2021)

According to National Testing Agency (NTA), NEET 2021 is to be conducted on September 12, all the NEET aspirants who are aiming to crack the NEET examination need to have hands-on practice on the previous year’s NEET question papers. Practicing previous year NEET question paper will make aspirant strong and boosts the confidence to rank top in the examination. This article will brief the clear details, strategies, and benefits of practicing previous year’s question papers to crack NEET 2021. Also mentions the details of the live session of turito on explaining the previous year’s question papers to the NEET aspirants. 

NEET exam pattern and complete details – 

  1. Mode- NEET examination is conducted in offline pen and paper-based mode in respective allotted examination centers. An aspirant has to register for the neet examination with the required application procedure to be eligible to write the exam. 
  2. Duration- Duration of NEET examination is 3 hours  
  3. Subjects- Subjects included in NEET are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. 
  4. the number of questions- Total questions in NEET are 200, where aspirants have to attempt 180 questions. Section A of each subject contains 35 questions and also section B of each subject contains 15 questions. 
  5. total marks- Complete sum up of marks in NEET is 720. Section A of each subject sums up 140 marks and also section B of each subject sum up 40 marks. 
  6. marking scheme- 4 marks will be allotted for the right answer, whereas 1 mark will be deducted in case of a wrong answer and no marks for unanswered questions.  
  7. Languages- NEET is conducted in 11 languages completely they are, English, Telugu, Hindi, Assamese, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Oriya, Urdu. Most registrations occur in English and Hindi languages. 
  8. Download question papers with codes- NEET question papers are published with different codes aspirant has to download question papers along with codes 
  9. page 1 with instructions- Page 1 of the question paper consists of code, and specified student details, and examiner signature.  

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Strategies for practicing NEET question paper 

  1. Practice NEET question papers as if attempting NEET exam- Aspirant has to practice the NEET question paper with seriousness as if he/she is really attempting the final NEET examination. So that they can get a clear picture of how they are performing the examination. It can clearly help them to evaluate their performance. 
  2. Use personal strategies to solve question paper- while preparing for the NEET examination one will set up their own strategies which they are comfortable with and compatible with good progress. These kinds of strategies are highly helpful to crack NEET. One has to identify and analyze their own strategies 
  3. Maintain speed and accuracy- As per the particular allotted time for each section, students have to manage the time accordingly to answer the questions, to complete the examination within the given time. Students have to practice the sample question papers to develop their speed and accuracy. 
  4. Practice question papers with omr sheets- Bubbling is one the main part of the examination, as the answer sheet will be scanned automatically students has to focus on bubbling omr sheet correctly. Before attempting the NEET examination aspirant has to buy the omr sheet and practice bubbling with sample question paper. 
  5. Evaluate weightage- While practicing for the NEET examination aspirant has to focus on the main areas of concepts from which questions will be shooted. So that aspirants can get the perfect idea of evaluating the topic weightage. 
  6. Evaluate strong and week areas- By looking up various previous examination papers students can easily analyze the strong and week areas of the subject. This evaluation will be highly helpful. 
  7. Give mock tests- It is highly important to give the mock test as many as possible to build confidence and analyzing the strong and week areas of the subject where the student has to focus on practicing more.  

Benefits of practicing Previous year NEET question papers

  1.  Aspirants can have ideas on paper structure- Practising the NEET previous year’s question papers will make students have a crystal clear idea of the question paper structure. 
  2. Can get complete idea on topic weightage- It also helps students in analyzing complete weightage of topics.  
  3. Analyzing question repetition- Practising previous year’s NEET question paper also helps students in analyzing the most repetitive questions from past papers. 
  4.  Grasping all the concepts- Aspirant can be highly beneficial in grasping the concepts while answering the question for a particular topic. 
  5. Time management- The one major benefits one can ever get is time management. Practicing the question papers will make students particular with managing time in the examination.  
  6. Analyzing marking scheme- Second major important benefit to be considered is Students can clearly understand how the marking scheme is done by NTA. 
  7.  Overcome stress level and boost confidence- The one every student faces is stress which is quite common during examinations. By practicing question papers students can overcome their stress levels which is an absolutely beneficial aspect. 
  8. Get motivated- As they go on practice the papers, they become super confident by knowing their strengths and weakness and they troubleshoot their problems and overcome them. 

Practicing NEET question paper with turito

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How turito helps you to crack NEET 

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Final thought

Turito is going live on September 11th on YouTube to discuss the previous year’s NEET questions paper with Students would add huge benefits to the students who are looking up to solve the previous year’s NEETquestion papers with expert faculty solutions and techniques. By practicing previous year’s NEET question papers with us would help you to get brief on all examination details such as paper structure, weightage, marking scheme, omr form, time management, and how to boost confidence by overcoming stress. So, NEET 2021 aspirants must and should attend the live session on our YouTube channel.