When Is the August SAT? Should You Take It?

Sep 8, 2022 | Turito Team USA

You probably already know that the SAT is crucial to your student’s college application. We don’t want to drive conclusions here for anyone, but a competitive score can improve academic standing, while outcomes that don’t accurately portray their abilities may call for a retake. Planning can help you feel less stressed and render the whole process easier, even though preparation is necessary to succeed on the SAT. In this article, we talk about SAT preparation and pre-game planning!

What is the SAT’s ultimate goal?

The purpose of taking the SAT is to find the quickest test preparation route possible to obtain the SAT scores required for the admission of your choice and the scholarship money you merit, allowing you to resume your favorite activities.

Why is the SAT necessary?

The SAT exam objectives are to assess a high school student’s readiness for college and to give colleges a single metric to evaluate all applicants. Most American colleges use the exam, a standardized test, to decide which students should be admitted to the school. Register for the August SAT, and you must take it if you intend to study in the United States or Canada.

Do colleges consider all of your SAT results?

August 2021 scores assist colleges in comparing students from various high schools and determining their eligibility to enroll in a specific program. The results demonstrate a candidate’s qualifications for college-level work and their strengths.

You must do the following to achieve this objective:-

  • Choose the test that best matches your strengths.
  • Observe the Golden Rule of Testing: Higher Scores.

SAT August 2022 dates

The SAT is given by the College Board seven times a year in August, November, October, March, December, May, as well as June. You can take part in the SAT School Day if your school does; you can also take the SAT on a weekday in March, April, or October. You must prepare to cause the SAT registration deadline is usually one month before the test date. If you register early, you can choose the testing location and date that work best for you. As of August 2022, the SAT has a $60 fee. However, a fee waiver might be available, and you will eventually know when August SAT scores come out.

Location and Availability of SAT Test Centers

Thousands of nationwide locations offer the SAT and many high schools or colleges. The number of seats available at each test center varies, and not all test centers are open on all test dates. In a familiar setting close to them, students frequently feel most at ease taking the SAT. Verify the August sat 2021 curve dates your school offered and, if it is, whether it is a test center. Select the testing facility closest to you and offer the SAT on the date you want if your school is not a test site.

Try out the test

Taking a full-length practice test in a timed environment can determine where you stand in test preparation. This will help you become more accustomed to the format of the content, questions, and other aspects of the exam, in addition to simulating the test-day environment and giving you a precise concept of the pacing and spacing of every section. Ensure that you take a practice test or several before the August SAT to perfect your pace and familiarize yourself with the exam format.

How soon after high school should you undertake the SAT?

The spring of your eleventh-grade year is when you should take your first SAT, according to the College Board. You should have mastered most of the critical ideas tested on the exam by this time, and you have plenty of time to redo the SAT once or multiple times, if necessary. You could postpone taking your first SAT in the fall season of your last year. But if you do that, your chances of retaking the SAT before the deadline for college applications will be reduced.

Why should you think about taking the SAT in August?

There are several benefits to taking the SAT in August. The list below includes a few of these causes.

  1. You won’t have the added pressure of classes or after-school activities to study for the test during the summer. Additionally, finishing the test before classes begin will free up more time in the fall to concentrate on other aspects of your college application.
  2. Even those who start school in August can benefit from taking an exam earlier when the workload is still manageable. Students who finish their SAT prep over the summer must wait until October to use their diligently acquired skills. 

Plan your SAT preparation

Regular practice is essential for getting a high SAT score. Students who start their study sessions early will have much time to practice and typically handle more belief on test day because they’ve had many more chances to understand and practice questions and probably take additionally full-length practice tests. It’s best to be content with oneself and create a realistic study plan if you’re doubtful about when to start examining or how much time one can devote to SAT preparation. A study schedule outlining your intended study times should be included in this strategy. The time you intend to study should be on your schedule.

The August SAT is recommended for You

Good job thinking ahead if you’re reading this section. Rising students typically have more flexible (and less hectic) academic schedules, so the summer before your student’s initial year is a lovely time to prepare since they probably have more free time. Early preparation can aid in a student’s achievement of their desired score. The spring semester is frequently hectic with AP exams and college visits, so it’s a good idea to redo the date in the fall. As a conclusion tip, August is an excellent month for insightful students like you to create significant growth (and even complete) testing! It might also be a good idea to schedule your student’s SAT to retake by her obligations.

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