How Do I Cancel SAT Registration?

Aug 20, 2021 | Turito Team USA


Annually, many students apply for SAT examination to design the career of their dreams. A good SAT score is crucial to getting into top colleges and the Ivy League. While the student registers for SAT and when the D-Day approaches, they might feel confident or concerned about taking the test. In such situations, canceling SAT registration is the only option left. Or the student might also change their mind by applying for the ACT instead and applying for colleges that do not need SAT scores for admission. 

The first reaction about canceling an SAT registration can be panic. The students get worried about the steps required to cancel SAT Registration. We bring you a step-by-step guide in canceling the SAT Registration: 

There are some important factors to be considered about the process: 

  1. Is it possible for me to cancel the SAT test? 
  2. Is there an option for a refund if I cancel the SAT test? 
  3. Is Will canceling the SAT registration impact the career record? 
  4. Should I cancel the test and re-register / or reschedule to change the SAT date? 
  5. Is there any specific date before which I can successfully cancel the registration? 

Cancelling SAT Registration- without a Refund: 

There would be situations where the student cannot appear for the SAT after a successful registration. In such a scenario, the student wouldn’t mind skipping a refund. The best way to cancel the SAT Registration without a refund would be to not appear for the test. Not showing up for the test will not affect the student’s record- so there is no issue impacting the career plans. The College Board considers this a missed test, and the record is not kept intact.  

The big disadvantage with this option is losing the refund money applicant paid during the SAT application. However, if the circumstances are too unavoidable, the student can cancel their SAT appearance, take time to prepare better, and re-apply. 

Canceling SAT Registration- with a Partial Refund: 

The bad news is- once the student decides to cancel SAT registration, they can get only a partial refund. Hence, academic experts say that it is wise to rethink twice before canceling the test.  

How can I get a refund? 

The College Board states that students who don’t want to transfer their registration to another test date or location should contact Customer Service and get things done. After calling customer service and getting credentials checked, a partial $10 is processed, which is 1/5th of the fee paid.   

Note that the student should call five days before the exam date to apply for the refund. After this last date, there is no option to get a refund. 

It is also to be noted that there is no looking back once the student cancels the registration. Therefore, the student needs to think very well before going for this option. 

Refunding Question and Answer Service 

If the student opts for the Question and Answer Service but planning to SAT registration, The fee can be most likely refunded.  

The student must call Customer Service to get the refund processed. Any additional score reports that the student needs are also refundable if absent on the test date.  

Refunds are processed six weeks after the test date. 

What is the difference between Not taking the test and the Cancellation of SAT? 

This is the most commonly asked question that concerns the students and parents. In fact, there is no great difference between not taking the test and cancellation of the examination as the college board doesn’t count the absence as a negative blot on their academic career. 

The basic difference between these two options is the monetary factor. If the student chooses to cancel the exam with a refund, $10 will be refunded. The refund also applies for the question-and-answer service for which the student paid the money. 

Can I change the SAT date? 

It is a well-known fact that SAT is conducted seven times a year. Sometimes, the student feels a little less confident about taking up the test and decides to reschedule the test day later. A $29 additional fee is required to reschedule the test, and this can be done anytime. 

  • Sign in to your College Board account. 
  • On the “My SAT” page, you’ll see the tests you’re registered for. Click “Change Registration” under the test that you want to reschedule. 
  • You’ll next see a new page with your SAT admission ticket information. At the bottom of the page, click “Change my test date.” 
  • You’ll be brought to a new page where, under “Test Date,” you can see the new SAT date(s) you can change to. Select the one that works best for you. 
  • Next, select your test center, confirm your personal information is correct, and pay the reschedule fee. 
  • You’ll receive an email confirmation and a new admission ticket with your updated test date when you’re finished. 

Contact Details of SAT Exam Customer Service: 

Here are the contact details that the student can reach out to for either canceling or rescheduling the examination: 

By online form:

The best and fastest way to get this done is by calling the following customer care numbers: 

Domestic : 866-756-7346 

International: 212-713-7789 

Services for students with disabilities : 212-713-8333 

TTY (for deaf or hearing impaired) Domestic : 888-857-247 

TTY (for deaf or hearing impaired) International : 609-882-4118 

SAT Registration Cancellation in a Nutshell: 

The student can cancel five days before the test date to get a $10 refund of 1/5th of the fee paid. After this deadline, it is not possible to get a refund. The refund is usually taken six weeks to complete. 

If the student doesn’t just appear for the test, it is considered a missed test, and this will affect no record. 

If the student has already taken the test and would like to cancel it, they need to apply for cancellation exclusively. There are strict deadlines- ideally the following Wednesday after appearing for the examination.  

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