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Stay Ahead of the Rest


Stay Ahead of the Rest

Get a head-start on the entire syllabus with One-on-One Virtual tutoring lessons from the Experts.

Turito’s Expert Tutors will guide your child through his academics in a fully personalized tutoring class curated according to your child’s academic necessities. Assessing your child’s strengths and weaknesses at every step, our tutors will guarantee a significant improvement in your child’s academics.

Why Choose One-on- Virtual Tutoring on Turito?

Why Choose One-on-One Virtual Tutoring on Turito?

Student Centered Curriculum

Turito’s Student Centered Curriculum is personalized to your child in order to help him with his academic requirements on a Monthly/ Weekly/ Daily basis.

One-to-One Virtual Tutoring

One-on-One Online Tutoring helps teachers focus on every students’ areas of improvement more carefully and offer them the assistance they require precisely. Needless to say, that it helps both introverted and extroverted students to clarify their doubts effectively.


Expert Specificity


Expert Specificity

In case of Academics, One-Size-does-not-fit-all. This is the unspoken truth in all of Academia.

That is why Turito offers an expert tutor specifically for Each topic, so that the Tutor can give his undivided attention not just to the Student but to teaching respective topics as best as they can.

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Personalized Course Updates for Students and Parents

Personalized Course Updates for Students and Parents

Turito focuses on Student Encouragement and Parents’ complacency by offering them periodic updates about the Progress through weekly assessment mails.

The mails specify the student’s academic progress like the Lessons Completed, Skills mastered, No. of Practice Tests taken, and the corresponding Assignments completed in the respective week.


Homework Assistance


Homework Assistance

Our tutors will personally assist the Students with the regular tasks they are assigned in the schools thereby helping them perform better than their peers every time.

Not only do the tutors oversee that your child finishes the work on time, but he will also be taught effective ways that make him stand out to complete the Homework.


Listen to our students and their parents.

Martin Clarke

My kid used to struggle to understand basic concepts of math. Now he is able to build upon concepts and solve math problems with ease. All thanks to Turito.

Jacqueline Tany

Science has always troubled my son Shawn Tany in terms of understanding and application. One-on-One Tutoring in Turito made a visible difference in his academics. He is expressing himself more and seems interested in learning different things.


Jaine, my daughter’s understanding of concepts is good but she had problems in interpretation until we made her join Turito. Now she simplifies any given problem and is able to explain them beautifully. All thanks to Turito.

Serina Kortel

This is an amazing platform for a kid. This platform has helped my kid excel at academics and built her confidence. I am happy for her progress and amazed to see this change in such a short span.

George Williams

I’m glad that my 14-year-old Stewart got into One-on-One Tutoring. The Tutor -student relation and the whole learning experience were great for her. She looks positive about her future academics and I Thank Turito for that.

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One-on-one Tutoring is an opportunity to learn Online from the Best Tutors one-to-one to stay ahead in your studies and get all the required help on assignments.
Turito offers the best in class Tutors, Student development curriculums, Personal attention to students, Assessment programs, Remedial activities, and Transparent reporting in a very affordable pricing structure.
Tutors in Turito are highly knowledgeable & Skilled, and are Recruited after going through a highly selective and standardized Process.
An expert panel to curate the content, Student feedbacks, and Tutors that enhance students’ abilities make it a Qualitative learning experience for a student.
Turito offers One-on-one tutoring by expert tutors in Math and Science subjects.
Turito offers One-on-One Tutoring for Grades 5th to 12th.
Students are assessed, taught as per their grasping ability, and Tested on a regular basis. Turito provides keen information on their learning gaps to the student and shares the feedback to the parents through regular Parent Teacher Meetings.
With Turito, Students not only become better in academics but work on developing their overall abilities. Quizzes, Knowledge building Games & Activities, & interactive sessions with Tutors will ensure student’s excellence in respective courses.
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