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Local Conditions Affect the Growth of the Plant – Cell Division

Aug 20, 2022

The Local Conditions Affect the Growth of the Plant


Plants require light, water, oxygen, minerals and other nutrients for their growth and development. 


Growth refers to the increase in size of a body or organs, development refers to the physiological, functional and maturation of the organism 

Environmental factors affecting plant growth and developments 

Plant growth, development are influenced by the environment. The environmental factors are of two types: internal and external factors.  

External factors include light, temperature water, humidity and nutrition. 

Internal factors include plant hormones such as auxin, gibberillins.  


Role of light in the growth of a plant. 

Light is the most important external factor which helps in the process of photosynthesis, light intensity directly influence on the manufacture of plant food, stem elongation.  

Local Conditions Affect the Growth of the Plant

Role of temperature in plants growth  

Some of the plants grow in cold climate and some in hot climate. All the metabolic activities of plants are directly affected by temperature variation, low temperature causes an injury to plant due to chilling or freezing in a very high temperature will affect the growth of the plant.  

Local Conditions Affect the Growth of the Plant

Role of water in plant growth  

Plant absorbs water through the roots, and uses it for the process of photosynthesis. All the metabolic activities take place, excess water is lost through during transpiration.  

Local Conditions Affect the Growth of the Plant

Role of mineral nutrients in the plant growth 

All the metabolic activities required inorganic nutrients, plant growth is adversely affected by the deficiency of nutrients, other than light, water, and a perfect temperature, organisms need special nutrients to support their food-making process and metabolism, which ultimately boosts the growth.  

Local Conditions Affect the Growth of the Plant


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