Introduction to Acids and Bases

Key Concepts Acids Bases Salts Classification of Acids and Bases Methods of preparations of Acids and Bases Introduction We use lots of substances like tomatoes, lemon, detergents, soaps, and oranges in our day-to-day life. While lemons and tomatoes taste sour in taste, substances like detergents and soaps feel bitter and slippery. Have you ever thought […]

Writing a Chemical Equation

Key Concepts Chemical equation Skeleton equation Stoichiometric coefficients Endo and exothermic reactions Reversible & Irreversible reactions Homogenous and heterogenous reactions Introduction:  Chemical Equation:  A chemical equation is a representation of a chemical reaction to show the change that occurred in a compound, separated by an arrow.. The initial chemicals before the reaction are called the […]

7 Steps To Balance Chemical Equations

Key Concepts: Chemical equation Skeleton equation Law of conservation of mass Balanced chemical equation Chemical Reaction:  The chemical changes of two or more chemicals at a time are called chemical reactions. The chemical reaction can be represented by the equation. The word equation represents the chemical words and the initial substances and the final substances […]

Introduction to Chemical Reactions

Key Concepts Chemical changes Physical changes Chemical reaction Representation of chemical reaction Changes: The difference observed between the original form of an object/particle/material/matter and the final form is defined as change. Some of the general examples of changes that we see in our daily life are: making airplanes from a sheet of paper, growth of […]

Difference between Oxidation and Reduction

Types of Chemical Reactions: Oxidation and Reduction Reactions  Introduction:  Displacement & Double Displacement:  Reactions in which one element displaces the other with low reactivity are single displacement or displacement. Reactions in which two reactants exchange their elements or ions and form two products are double displacement. Displacement reaction is also called replacement reaction as the […]

Difference: Combination Reaction and Decomposition Reaction

Introduction:  Chemical Reaction:  When a chemical change occurs in a substance, we can say that a chemical reaction has taken place. Representing a chemical reaction to show the change that occurred in a compound separated by an arrow is called a chemical equation.  An example of a chemical reaction is the combining of nitrogen and […]

Difference between Displacement and Double Displacement

Introduction: Combination and Decomposition Reactions:  Reactions in which two substances combine and form one substance are termed as combination reactions. Whereas the reactions in which one substance forms two products are termed as decomposition reactions.  Explanation:  Displacement Reaction:   When one element of a reactant gets displaced by another element it is said to be a […]

Difference between Corrosion, Rusting and Rancidity

Introduction:  What is redox reaction?  The process of losing electrons is oxidation, and the process of gaining electrons is reduction.  The reaction in which both oxidation and reduction occur simultaneously is said to be a redox reaction. We can define oxidation as the loss of electrons, or the gain of oxygen atoms, or the loss […]

Reactions and Commonalities

Key Concepts Reaction of bases with metal bicarbonates Neutralization reaction Combination of a neutralization reaction Strengths of acids and bases Differences between acid and base Introduction: Acid and base are the forms of chemicals that play a crucial role in chemistry. Acids are substances that are bitter in taste and bases are substances that are […]

Sodium Hydroxide and Bleaching Powder

Key Concepts Common Salts Preparation of NaOH from Common salt Preparation of CaOCl2  from Common salt Properties of NaOH and CaOCl2  Applications of NaOH and CaOCl2  Introduction By now, we know that the combination of acid and base forms salt. Salts are formed as an effect of neuralization of acids and bases therefore, we can […]