Take From – Subtraction Equations and Problems

Key Concepts Compare situations. Word problems on comparing situations. Introduction: There are eight birds on a tree.  3 birds flew away.  How many birds are left on the tree?   Use cubes to find.  8 is whole.  Now we need to take 3 from 8.  Subtract 3 from 8, we get  8 – 3 = ____  […]

Solve Addition and Subtraction Word Problems Using Equation

Key Concepts Solve word problems to add and subtract values using equations 1. Find the unknown numbers  We can use counters to find the missing number. Example: Find the missing value in 15 – _____ = 8  2. True or false equations  We can verify if a numerical equation is true. Let us check whether the given […]

Putting Parts Together – Addition Equations and Problems

Key Concepts Adding parts together. Addition equation. Introduction  1 red balloon and 9 blue balloons. How many in all? The parts are 1 and 9  The parts are 1 and 9 Now we will add the parts to give the whole, again the whole is an addition The addition equation is 1 + 9 = […]

Understand the Concept of Adding one Digit Numbers

1. Numbers  a. Addition of numbers  Example: Mother gave 4 chocolates to Alex.   Later, grandfather gave 5 chocolates to Alex. How many chocolates does he have in total?  So, Alex has 4 chocolates given by mother along with the 5 chocolates given by grandfather.  So, he has 9 chocolates.  b. Addition of same type of […]

Solve Word Problems When We Compare Situations

Key Concepts Compare situations. Word problems on comparing situations. Introduction:  There are 5 brown birds and 3 yellow birds on a tree.  Are there more brown birds or yellow birds?  How many more?  Let us see this:  Use cubes to compare.  5 brown birds.  3 yellow birds.  Now, we write an equation to compare.  Subtract […]

Solve Word Problems When Both Addends Are Unknown

Key Concepts Distribute things in several ways. Equation Introduction: James has 7 apples in his fruit basket.  He gave some apples to Jenny.He gave some apples to Jerald.  How many apples can each get?  Solve it and check your answer if it matches the other’s answer.  Let us understand this.  Can he give equally to […]

Learn and Write Time to the Hour with Examples

Key Concepts Tell time to the hour. Tell time to the half hour. Clock  In a clock, the shorter hand is called the hour hand.  The hour hand tells us what hour it is.  The long hand is called the minute hand.  The minute hand points to the minute.  A. Read time to the hour  […]

Understanding Tally Mark and Organizing Data

Key Concepts Organize data into categories. Define a tally mark. Numbers We can count the number of items using our hands. Addition of numbersWe can add numbers to find the sum of two or more objects. Example: Mother gave 4 chocolates to Alex. Later, his grandfather gave 5 chocolates to Alex. How many chocolates does he have […]

Counting Sequence with Blocks from 1s to 120

7.2 Count by 1s to 120  This block shows 100  100  The next number will be one hundred one because you have 1 hundred and 1 one.  101  When you count forward, you keep counting by 1s.  Some real life examples for counting:  We can count how many pens are there in packet.   We […]

Learn Counting Sequence and Patterns from 10s to 120

Key Concepts Use ten – frames to count by 10s Use pattern to count by 10s Count:   To say numbers one after the other in order, or to calculate the number of people or things in a group.  Count by 10s to 120:   We can use ten frames to count 10s to 120:  […]