Magnetic Field Lines: Definition, Explanation and Q&A

Key Concepts Magnetic Field Magnetic Field Lines properties of magnetic field lines Uniform and non uniform magnetic lines Introduction Two magnets when placed close to each other attract and stick to each other. However, if we go on increasing the distance between them, the attraction between them reduces gradually to such an extent that they […]

The Life Cycles of Stars: Meaning and Example

Key Concepts Stars Analysis of starlight Composition of stars Stars’ temperature Size and mass of stars Stages of life cycle of a star Introduction Stars are huge, shining balls of extremely hot gas (known as plasma) in space. The Sun is our nearest star. During the nighttime, many other stars are visible to the naked […]

Mirror Formula

Key Concepts New cartesian sign convention Mirror formula Solving problems using the mirror formula Introduction When dealing with the reflection of light by spherical mirrors mathematically, a set of sign conventions is followed, called the New Cartesian Sign Convention. According to this convention, the pole of a spherical mirror is taken as the origin and […]

Scattering of Light :Scattering of Light by Different Particles

Key Concepts • Scattering of light The blue sky • The white clouds The red sunrise and sunset • The white 12 noon • The red danger signals Introduction:  In this session we will get to know the reason behind phenomena like the blue sky, the white clouds, the red sunrise and sunset, the white […]

Refraction Through A Prism : Introduction & Explanation

Key Concepts • Refraction through a triangular prism Introduction:  A ray of light bends towards the normal when it gets into a denser medium and bends away from the normal on entering a rarer medium. This is true whenever light gets refracted at any interface separating any two mediums and it does not depend upon […]

Dispersion and Formation of Light

Key Concepts • Dispersion of light • Formation of a rainbow Introduction:  White light is a mixture of all the colors (wavelengths) at equal intensities. It is nothing but colorless daylight. The sun and other stars produce white light. Artificially, white LEDs and fluorescent light bulbs produce and emit white light. The light given out […]

Atmospheric Refraction: Explanation and Applications

Key Concepts Atmospheric refraction Twinkling of stars Apparent higher position of a star Early sunrise and delayed sunset Flattened appearance of sun during sunrise and sunset Introduction:  In this session, we will get to know the reason behind phenomena like the twinkling of stars, early sunrise and delayed sunset, and flattening of the shape of […]

Earth – A Giant Magnet

Key Concepts: Earth – A Giant Magnet Neutral Points Effect of the magnetic field of the Earth Introduction: A compass needle gets deflected from its usual position only in the presence of a magnetic field around it or close to it. It is the magnetic field from any source that makes the compass needle deflect […]

Conservation of Momentum

Key Concepts: Conservation of Momentum Introduction: In our daily life we make many observations such as a fast bowler taking a run up before bowling, a tennis player moving her racket backwards before hitting the tennis ball and a batsman moving his bat backwards before hitting the cricket ball. All these activities are performed in […]

Newton’s Second Law of Motion

Key Concepts: Newton’s second law of motion Relate force, mass and acceleration Introduction:  In this session we are going to learn about second law of motion of Newton.  Explanation:  Newton’s second law of motion  Newton’s second law of motion states that the rate of change of momentum of a body is directly proportional to the […]