Count On and Count Back to Subtract

Key Concepts Number line. Count on to subtract. Count back to subtract. Introduction  Example 1:  The number line given below indicates all the numbers from 60 to 69.  Fill in the missing numbers in the number line.  Solution:  Example 2:  Solution:  Count On to Subtract  Example 3:  Find 5 – 3.   Solution:  Step 1: Start […]

Subtraction up to 10,000 With and Without Regrouping

Key Concepts   Subtraction without regrouping   Difference    Subtraction with regrouping in hundreds and thousands.   Regroup   Subtraction with regrouping in ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands.   Subtraction across zeros. Introduction  This chapter will learn about the subtraction of numbers up to 10,000 and the terms used for subtraction. 4.1 Subtraction without Regrouping: […]