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Homophones- Types and Examples

Grade 10
May 18, 2023

Word Wizard – Homophones

1. Homographs:

Bat: A nocturnal winged mammal.

Bat: A wooden tool used to hit the ball in different sports like baseball and cricket.

Cricket: An insect

Cricket: A sport


Letter: A single unit of the alphabet.

Letter: A written message to someone.

2. Heterographs:

Week: A duration of seven days.

Weak: Lacking physical strength.

Hair: Long, thin strands growing on a person’s head.


Hare: A large rabbit.

Pair: A set of two.

Pear: A sweet fruit.

3. Heteronyms:

Bass: The depth of sound.

Bass: A type of freshwater fish.

Lead: A metal

Lead: To guide from the front.

Present: A gift

Present: The current time.

Present: Being at a place.

Present: Give something to someone.

4. Oronyms:

Stuffy nose      Stuff, he knows

Ice cream         I scream

Minty                Mint tea

5. Synophones:

Read                  Reed

Beat                   Bit

Effect                 Affect



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