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Word Wizard – Word Pattern Analogies

Grade 10
May 4, 2023

Word Pattern Analogies

AnalogyAnalogy means a relationship that exists between a set of words. For example, a common thread of similarity, contrast, category, part/whole, etc., may be identified.
Categories of AnalogiesSynonyms Antonyms Thing/Characteristic Thing / Function Item/Category Part to Whole Whole to Part Homophones These are commonly found categories of analogy, though other types also may be identified.
Points to keep in mindThe given set of words must be analyzed carefully to identify the relationship contained therein. Then, the options must be analyzed to see if the same can be replicated.
Why do we use an analogy?An analogy is used to add imagery to the writing task, such as an essay or a paragraph, story, drama, etc. Analogy develops students’ critical and analytical skills, and in language, this is necessary to convey the intended meaning as accurately as possible.
ExamplesSynonyms: Smart: Intelligent:: Heavy: Weighty
Antonyms: Clear: Muddy:: Hot: Cold
Thing : Characteristic: Diplomacy: Soft:: Rudeness: Harsh
Item : Category: Lipstick: Makeup:: Pen: Stationery
Part : Whole: Page: Book:: Word: Sentence
Whole : Part: Poem: Stanza:: Play: Act
Homophones: Reed: Read:: Where: Wear
Cause / Consequence/action followed: Ice: Skid::  Obstacle: Swerve
Less or more intensity: Follow: Chase:: Nudge: Thrust
Series of actions: Death: Post-mortem:: Downpour: Rainbow
Word Pattern Analogies


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