Consider the function y < 2x + 3. Find the true statement.

  1. The line would be solid with the shading above.
  2. The line would be dashed with the shading above.
  3. The line would be solid with shading below.
  4. None of these.


We interpret the given inequality and try to find out the right choice.

The correct answer is: None of these.

    Step 1 of 1:
    Given inequality, y < 2x + 3
    i.e., y is less than 2x + 3, and consider the following diagram.

    Observe that, the arrow indicates the solution region for the given inequality. It indicates the below region.

    So, none of the given statements are true for the function y < 2x + 3.
    Final Answer:
    The right choice is-- b. None of these.