A teak wood log first cut in the form of a cuboid of length 2.3 m, width 0.75 m and of certain thickness. Its volume is of 1.004m^3. How many rectangular planks of size 2.3m x 0.75m x 0.04m can be cut from the cuboid

  1. 13
  2. 14
  3. 15
  4. 16


Volume of cuboid = l cross times b cross times h
Where l is length , b is breadth , h is height

The correct answer is: 14

    We are given the dimensions of teakwood log as

    Length l = 2.3 m

    Breadth b = 0.75

    Its volume = 1.004 m^3
    We have to find thickness h.
    And planks dimensions are

    Length = 2.3

    Breadth = 0.75

    Thickness = 0.04
    Volume of wood log = l cross timescross times h

    1.004  = 2.3 cross times 0.75 cross times h

    1.004 = 1.725 cross times h

    h = 1.004/ 1.725

    h = 0.5820
    As the length and breadth are the same for both log and plank then we should divide the height by thickness of the plank so we will get number of planks.
    No of planks = 0.5820/ 0.04

    = 14.55

    ~ 14
    Therefore the correct answer is b) 14.

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