A biconcave/biconvex lens has ____ focal point(s) and ____ center(s) of curvature.

  1. 1,1
  2. 2,2
  3. 1,2
  4. 2,1


 Since there exists a curvature on both sides of the biconcave/biconvex lens, there will be around two focal points and also two centers of curvature.

The correct answer is: 2,2

    A biconcave/biconvex lens has 2 focal point(s) and 2 center(s) of curvature.
    • The center of curvature lies in the middle of the sphere.
    • The focal point is the point where the refracted rays meet or seem like originated.
    • A biconcave and biconvex lens has two focal points and two centers of curvature as the light rays can be passed from both directions.