Memorizing formulas forms an essential part of Math. If you want to learn some quick tricks, here are the 10 best easy ways to learn math formulas! 

Mathematics can be a very intimidating subject if we do not learn it the correct and easy way. Right from our childhood, we have hammered the fact that Math is a challenging subject with many complex and lengthy formulas. The numbers and calculations involved scare students. Math is the most scoring subject and forms a vital part of many competitive exams conducted across India. This subject can also help you get your desired rank.

Formulae are the key to mastering this subject. If students wish to overcome their fear of Math Understanding the basic concepts and memorizing the formulas can indeed be a tricky process. With some easy ways to learn math formulas, you will understand and memorize the key formulas needed for you to pass the exams with flying colors. 

10 Tips on an Easy Way to Learn Math Formulas

  If you struggle with Math and find it tough, here are 10 easy ways to learn Math formulas: 

It is always better to familiarize yourself with the formula beforehand.

Before your teacher or tutor starts the Math lesson or a particular chapter, it is a beneficial idea to read through the upcoming topics in your book that are supposed to be taught in class. Learning all the formulas you come across is not required. Even if you go through the chapter in 5 to 10 minutes, you will become a bit familiar with the content taught to you in class. This method will make it easier for you to learn Math formulas for the first round. This method will also help you memorize the formulas later on, as you are already familiar with them. 

Avoid learning whole lists of formulas at a go.

Do not sit with the idea that you will learn all the formulas in a single sitting. Also, it would help if you did not attempt to learn the long list of formulas without fully understanding the basic concepts behind them. Additionally, this will increase the amount of time it takes to learn the formulas and create a great deal of confusion while studying. Apart from this, if you do not try to understand the basic concepts that connect Math formulas and meaning, your brain will not be able to register and see the connections.

You will probably end up forgetting the formulas you have learned within a short period. If you do not want to answer a question in an exam environment using the wrong formula for the question, it is best to try drawing a relevant corresponding formula diagram. This might be in the form of a circle or a parabola, but associating it with the formula that you need to solve the question, will help you remember both the formula and the application method necessary to obtain the correct answer.  

Practice! Practice! Practice! 

This is the tip everybody will tell you. It is an obvious point. There is no substitute for practice. There is no better answer to the question of how to remember formulas. If you practice more, you will remember more! Also, the more you practice problem-solving using a particular formula, the more likely you understand the formula, which will make you remember it naturally. If you do not apply the formulas in practice questions, you might make the process of memorizing the formula even more difficult for yourself. Practice more and learn more is the only way to go about learning Math formulas. 

Create a chart of mathematical symbols for your convenience 

You will come to discover a wide range of symbols in Mathematics. Most formulas in Math involve Greek letters and special symbols such as a caret “^”. When you learn a new language, you will probably create a list of all the new vocabulary that you come across while learning in an attempt to further understand and memorize them and to become familiar with them. As you progress with your learning, you refer to this list of new words and remind yourself that you have across it before. Your brain recognizes the words as soon as you see them because you are familiar with them. 

The easy way to learn Math Formulas is to follow the same technique while learning formulas. At the start, you will come across a lot of new symbols and formulas, and it can be quite overwhelming and confusing. Creating a list of all the new symbols, you come across will give you something to refer back to whenever you are stuck. Following this process will also make you feel less intimidated by the new symbols you will come across. 

Try to use different channels to learn math formulas.  

 Try to break the monotony of pen and paper and try using different channels to study the formulas. Writing down the formula on flashcards can help you memorize the formulas. Other methods that can be very helpful in memorizing different formulas are saying them out loud, speaking to a teacher, tutor, or friend, and watching interactive online videos that try explaining the formulas with graphics and pictures. These increase the retention abilities of the brain and helps you memorize the formulas. 

Use different memory techniques.

Imagine how you know all the phone numbers by heart, or when you go to the supermarket without a shopping list and rely on your brain to remember what you wanted to buy. Most students can learn lists of words, numbers, symbols, and objects that are not related. It just involves using the right memory techniques. The same techniques can be applied to learn Math formulas as well.  

A very common method is to create a story around the things you are trying to learn. The series of a story can also help remember things in a particular series. The stranger the story is, the easier it is to remember. And the same is valid for setting as well. If the story is set in an unusual setting, your brain will remember it better.  

Try to understand the formula before memorizing it.

In higher grade exams, the students may be provided with a formula sheet to help them solve the different problems. Many students don’t see the point in memorizing them, which is the biggest mistake a student commits. This can lead to them using wrong formulas for questions, which will lead to wrong answers and fewer marks. If you understand the concept behind a formula, it will be easier for you to apply them correctly for the correct question. Plugging in values can be helpful at times, but you will be better off if you are familiar with the formulas. This will also help you in the future because you will already have a better grasp of the Math concepts. 

Get plenty of sleep and rest.

Sleep and rest are the keys to memorizing things. Permanent memories are created each night when you sleep. During this deep sleep phase, everything that we learn during the day is processed by the brain. During Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, we rehearse all the new skills we have learned and consolidate them. Avoid staying up late and trying to study everything the night before an exam. This will cause more stress and will hamper your performance in the exam. 

Lead a healthy lifestyle

Try to incorporate some exercise every day into your routine. Exercising is a healthy method to increase the oxygen flow to your brain, which will help in learning. Being fit and healthy also makes you stress-free. 

Try to stay away from distractions.

When you are learning or memorizing, your total concentration should be on that. Try to stay away from electronic gadgets and the internet when you are studying. Set a routine and follow that judiciously. And don’t forget to take breaks in between studying.  

Final Thoughts 

Formulae are basic to Math. Once you get a hold of the formulae, solving Math will be a cakewalk for you. Students often get frustrated while solving mathematical problems. Frustration is not an issue, but leaving the subject due to stress will only continue to increase troubles for you. Hence, to make things easier this post discussed tips and tricks that can be helpful to you. We are sure this article must have given you an idea about how to memorize and how to remember formulae.

All the best! Work hard!