For all PCM students who seek out admission into well-known engineering colleges, the IIT JEE exam is a landmark to get started. This exam happens in two parts – IIT JEE Mains and Advanced. Cracking the former is a necessary criterion to sit for the advanced exam. 

While the IIT JEE main exam’s syllabus mainly comprises the class 10+2 syllabus, it can still be challenging to crack. Not only do the aspirants need to be accurate with their answers but also time. Thus, it is essential to come up with the best timetable to crack IIT JEE in such a case. 

In today’s article, you will know timetable tips for your IIT JEE preparation. Let us get started:

Drafting the Best Time Table to Crack IIT JEE

The IIT JEE exam has a vast syllabus and requires daily practice and revision. To prepare for the exam well, students must draft a timetable for IIT JEE 2021. While making it, there are a plethora of things one needs to consider. These include giving adequate time to all the major subjects, ensuring there is enough time for practice, and taking care of your health along the way. 

Know Your Ability 

Be it a timetable to crack IIT JEE in 6 months or two years, the first thing candidates need to be mindful of is their caliber and capacity. Are you wondering why it is so important? It is because this will help you determine how much of the JEE syllabus you can cover in the given time. Once you have an idea about the time needed to prepare for JEE, coming up with a suitable timetable is super easy. 

Dividing the Time

Another thing that is crucial while coming up with a daily timetable for IIT JEE aspirants is the proper distribution of time. Once you determine your caliber and know the time you may need to prepare for IIT JEE, divide that time well. 

Ensure that each subject gets enough space in the timetable. We would suggest you give 2-3 hours to each subject each day. Then again, make this choice depending on your strong and weak subjects and topics. 

Finding the Repetitive Topics 

A smart move JEE aspirants can follow while coming up with a timetable to crack IIT JEE in 1 year or their desired time is to look for the important topics. For this, go through the last few years’ papers. It will help you figure out the repetitive topics. Try giving these some extra time in the timetable. 

Do Not Forget the Revision

After every topic you finish, there must be time to revise it. The candidates can decide the revision hours as per their ease. Preferably, the best time for this is before going to bed. Also, this should at least be 2 hours. Alternatively, a timetable can have mini revision slots. 

Make Time for Practice 

Understanding and revising the concepts is not enough if you want to crack IIT JEE with a top rank. Practice is important too! For this, consider solving mock tests and practice papers regularly. Also, try attempting a mock test keeping the duration of the exam in mind. It will help you with time management. Further, if you need a timetable for IIT JEE droppers, the practice should have maximum time in it. 

Keep Your Sanity Intact 

In addition to the above points, an ideal timetable must have enough breaks. Otherwise, it may feel robotic. Little breaks now and then are crucial to refresh your mind and body that will help you in processing everything that you have studied so far. Here are some other things the best timetable to crack IIT JEE must have: 

  1. Enough time to sleep: Ensure that you sleep for at least 7-8 hours each day. This time should also include small 30-minute mid-day naps to refresh your mind. 
  2. Yoga and exercise to concentrate better: In addition to sleep, exercise is essential too. It can help you focus better and keep the JEE exam stress at bay. 
  3. Socializing breaks: Sure, IIT JEE can be a challenging exam. However, it doesn’t mean you need to give up talking to friends. A few socializing breaks now and then can actually keep you fresh. Spending time with friends can also help you a lot emotionally. 

Alongside this, candidates must also try to maintain a healthy diet and keep themselves hydrated. It will eliminate any chances of falling sick and thereby help them concentrate and learn better. 

How to Manage Time After IIT JEE Preparation?

  • Now, this timetable can help you study well for the exam. However, the real struggle lies in managing time after it – when you sit for the exam. As mentioned earlier, the IIT JEE exam does not only need accuracy but time management too. Here is how to take care of it: 
  • While doing all this, make sure to keep some time for revision and double-checking the answers. 

Other Things JEE Aspirants Need to Be Careful About 

Here are a few other things all candidates must take care of while attempting the IIT JEE test after preparing for it following the best timetable: 

  • Some questions may appear easy but are tricky. Therefore, always read the question carefully. 
  • Do not panic in case of a confusing question. Skip it and move to the next one. 

The Wrap Up 

This is how you can come up with the best timetable to crack IIT JEE, use it to prepare for your exam. With the time management tips given above, you can easily crack your JEE mains. In all this, coming up with a suitable timetable is the first step towards getting your desired score in the IIT JEE main exam. This timetable should therefore be by your potential and have enough breaks to rejuvenate your mind during the preparation.