List of Medical Courses that You Can Pursue Without NEET

Many students aspire to get an MBBS seat and prepare very hard for NEET. But the number of seats in Indian medical colleges and universities is less, and there is cut-throat competition. So many cannot achieve their dreams of becoming a doctor. But one should not get disappointed. MBBS alone is not everything.  

 There is a list of medical courses without NEET which can help you scale great heights in your career. If you are aware of the options, you have a lot of career options after 12th science PCB other than the doctor profession. Let us know about the list of  medical courses after the 12th, for which a NEET score is not required. 

You can choose some courses among the many that are listed here according to your interest and the scope of the course. One should never lose hope just because he or she cannot get an MBBS seat as there are plenty of lucrative lists of medical courses after the 12th PCB.   

List of medical courses after 12th without NEET 

  1. B.Sc.Biotechnology 
  2. B.Sc.Microbiology 
  3. B.Sc.Psychology 
  4. B.Sc.Nursing 
  5. B.Techin Biomedical Engineering 
  6. B.Sc.Physiotherapy 
  7. B.Sc.Medical Laboratory Technology 
  8. Genetics 
  9. Bachelor in Prosthetics and Orthotics
  10. B.Sc.Nutrition & Dietetics 
  11. B.Sc.Biochemistry 
  12. B.Sc.Food Technology 
  13. B.Sc.Dialysis Technology 
  14. B.Sc.Perfusion Technology 
  15. B.Sc.Radiology Technology 
  16. B.Sc.Cardiovascular Technology 
Scope and opportunities in medical courses after 12th  

Above is a list of medical courses after the 12th science PCB. Now, let us look at the courses, scope, and career opportunities more deeply.  

B.Sc. Biotechnology 

This is a top-rated course among students. You will learn about Animal and Plant Biotechnology, Bioethics, Developmental Biology, Bioinformatics, Environmental Biotechnology, Genomics, Immunology, etc. You can pursue your post-graduation in Biotechnology and find jobs in Research labs, institutions, pharma companies, colleges. 

B.Sc. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists are always in high demand. This course teaches all aspects of providing therapeutic services to help patients regain their lost mobility and strength. There are many lucrative opportunities in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, clinics, orthopedic centers, sports centers, colleges, etc. You can also choose to be a self-employed physiotherapist.  

B.Sc. Cardiovascular Technology

You can learn everything related to the diagnosis and monitoring of all diseases of the circulatory system. You will also get to know about medical equipment and acquire life-saving skills. You can get job opportunities as a cardiovascular technologist, Cath lab technician, lecturer, etc. in hospitals, universities.  

B.Tech Biomedical Engineering

You can learn about applying engineering concepts in biomedical processing, the pharmaceutical industry, computational biology, etc. 

Many job opportunities are available in medical equipment manufacturing companies as Design Engineer, Research Scientist, Maintenance Engineer, etc. 

B.Sc. Perfusion Technology

In this course, you get to learn the physiology of the lungs and all other respiratory organs. It also deals with the equipment that performs lung and heart functions during surgeries. You can find jobs in hospitals as clinical perfusionists providing life-saving support to people undergoing cardiothoracic surgeries and also take care of critically ill patients.  

B.Sc. Dialysis Technology

You get to learn everything about kidneys, dialysis, all equipment involved in dialysis, etc. Dialysis Therapist, Dialysis Technician, Dialysis Assistant are some of the job profiles you can get after this course. 

B.Sc. Food Technology

With this course, you can learn about food processing, food hygiene, and sanitation, food analysis, etc.  You can work as a Biochemist, Research Scientist, Food Inspector, Organic chemist in food corporations, research institutions, labs, etc.  

B.Sc. in Genetics

You will learn about genetic engineering, cloning, microbiology, etc. You can get jobs in hospitals, biotechnology companies, pharma companies, etc.  

B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics

This course is in high demand as people are more conscious about weight management and diet plans. You will get to know about Nutritional Biochemistry, Food Microbiology, Food Biotechnology, Diet and Patient Counselling, etc. Clinical Dietician, Nutritionist, Research and Development Manager are some of the job profiles you can get in hospitals, clinics, etc.  

Bachelor in Prosthetics and Orthotics

You will know in detail about rehabilitation services especially for people with neuromuscular and locomotor problems. You can find jobs in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, simulation centers, diagnostic labs, etc. 

Alternative options to MBBS

There is an umpteen list of medical courses that you can pursue without NEET after the 12th class. You should have taken Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCM) stream in 12th and should have passed with a certain percentage. Some universities conduct entrance examinations for the courses mentioned above, but primarily your 12th-grade percentage is enough to get a seat.  

With science and technology getting new ways open for them, many opportunities are opening up in the healthcare sector. If you pursue these courses with sincerity and dedication, you can reach great heights in research or your career. With PCB as a combination subject in 12th grade, along with a list of medical courses, research opportunities are endless in today’s world.  

Take a look at the list of medical courses in research areas: 

  • Cell Biology 
  • Evolution 
  • Molecular Biology 
  • Genetics 
  • Developmental Biology 
  • Neurobiology 
  • Computational Biology 
The road ahead

After your graduation, you can go for post-graduation and doctorate degrees in these areas. You can work in universities as a lecturer or research associate in India or abroad. The medical and healthcare sectors are growing very fast, with new technologies and advancements happening every day.  

Even if you were not able to clear NEET with good marks, do not worry. You might not study MBBS and become a doctor, but life is not ending for you. There are multiple other career options that you can choose from. You can select any from the list of medical courses after 12th grade and grow high in your career. 

Why other career prospects? 

Students should not get discouraged about NEET results; instead, focus on other career prospects. If you have a great interest in science and if you wish to serve humanity in some way, you can choose courses like Physiotherapy, Perfusion or Cardiovascular Technology, which will enable you to provide critical care and rehabilitation therapy to patients, thereby saving their lives and also improving their quality of life.  

In this article, we have given an exhaustive list of  medical courses after the 12th PCB in detail to help you choose your next step. Despite your incredible hard work, you may not succeed due to huge competition and a limited number of seats.  

Final Thoughts 

Don’t ever give up hope! Life is big! If not a great doctor, you can become a great biotechnologist or physiotherapist. You can come up in life if you choose the right course and give your 100% to it. You have to be compassionate and have good communication skills. Also, it would help if you were quick in decision-making. Change your perspective towards life and start accepting life! You can shine in any of the lists of medical courses even though you don’t become a doctor. You can become successful in your career too. Stay strong and motivated! 

 All the Best!