10 Best Tips for NEET Preparation

Fierce competition in NEET put aspirants under a lot of pressure. We bring you a list of tips for NEET preparation that will help you to crack the exam.

NEET conducts medical entrance examinations every year at a national level for medical aspirants to get themselves enrolled in well-reputed colleges across India. But in the process, students get worried about the examination, its syllabus, and the approach to be taken to score good marks in the exam. Students are bound to get confused. Internet is full of resources in which the students get confused. At such an instance, the aspirants are in dire need of effective tips and tricks to crack the examination.

We bring you a well-curated list of tips for NEET preparation to crack:-  

  • Make a pragmatic timetable

A lot of students get over-excited and try to fit their entire day with heavy and hectic preparation schedules. This might look very motivating initially, but there is every chance that the student would get demotivated and lose interest because of the toughness in the schedule. The best strategy is to make a practically attainable timetable for your NEET preparation and strictly follow it. Keep small and achievable goals instead of tougher ones. With smaller goals and surpassing them- the aspirant gets more motivation to achieve much further. 

  • Follow the latest syllabus

Keep a printed copy of the syllabus. Make sure that you are not exhausting yourself with extensive subject research. The key for any competitive exam is to prepare what is required and a systematic approach towards learning.  

Here are the set of important topics for NEET – subject wise: 

Physics: Optics, Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electronic Devices, Current Electricity 

Chemistry: General Organic Chemistry, Mole Concept, Chemical Bonding, Electrochemistry, Thermodynamics, Coordination Compound, Equilibrium 

Biology: Physiology of Plants and Animals, Morphology, Genetics & Evolution, Cell Biology, Biotechnology, Human Physiology, Diversity of Living Organism 

  • Trust practice

Just like a carpenter sharpens his tool every day before work, even regular practice of formulae, concepts, and core principles increases your chance of getting better results. Sharpen your skills by regular practice, but at the same time, not exhausting yourself with too much of it.  Online test series offered by various coaching classes are a great way to gear up for exams. Turito takes this practice a step ahead. It analyses your strong and weak areas and creates a test on its basis. 

  • Seek good study material

It is a well-known fact that most of the NEET exam questions come from NCERT books. Along with these, also read NCERT reference books. Seek the help of seniors, teachers, and elders to get the best reference books for each core subject. Get the best opinions and follow the reference books. Read these books keeping the syllabus in mind. Do not wander beyond the syllabus as this will bring you no good result. You can also sign up for coaching classes to get effective study material. 

  • Do a lot of mock tests

No matter how much knowledge you have in the subject, performing well in the exam is all that matters to get a good score in NEET. Practicing mock tests will help the students in understanding how the real test will be. It gives them an idea of how well they can apply the concepts in practicality. So, make a point to practice as many mock tests as possible to get accustomed to the exam’s pattern and individual subject weightage. 

  • Target weak areas

It is natural to get carried away by being strong in certain areas of the syllabus, and it is good to inculcate such a positive attitude as well. However, the key also lies in focusing on the weaker areas. Each student has a different weak area. Make a note of the weak areas and target them strongly. It is necessary to identify weak areas. If your weak area falls under the most asked portion of the syllabus, then working on it must be your priority. 

  • Stay away from guesswork

 A lot of students make the mistake of using guesswork as a weapon to answer certain questions in competitive exams like NEET. But, accuracy is one of the most key points for the exam. It would be foolish to guess answers with negative marking around the corner and cost a great loss.  

Here are some strategies that would help you avoid guesswork: 

  • Try eliminating options in the confusing questions. 
  • Follow this strategy in the mock tests itself so that it becomes your habit to refrain from making random guesses. 
  •  Analyze the mistakes which you usually make in the mock tests. 


  • Discipline your schedule

Make sure that you are studying on the same fixed time slots every day to ensure discipline. This also brings a great order to your preparation and a sense of focus. There is nothing wrong with inculcating a sense of disciplineright? Students end up either studying for the entire day or procrastinating the entire day. Either way, none of the extremes is beneficial. It takes hard work and discipline to crack any competitive competition. Discipline will help to increase your learning capacity 

  • Don’t Neglect Health

Preparing for a tough examination like NEET demands hectic schedules, and a lot of energy needs to be put in by the aspirant. In such a phase, students start neglecting their own well-being and health. But it is important to focus on health by having healthy food and fixing regular breaks during the preparation. Such breaks not only give a sense of refreshment but also renew the energy levels to prepare better. 

  • Without good health, all the above points are worthless.
  • Having a sound sleep of 6-7 hours daily at night is a must.
  • Being healthy will make you more productive and confident. 

  • Attitude is everything

Your attitude towards the preparation and cracking of NEET will impact a long way in the preparation. Just like how one perceives a half-filled glass – as half empty or half full. The attitude towards obstacles and preparation challenges will define your destiny when it comes to NEET. Challenges are inevitable during the preparation, but how we face them matters the most. Hence, inculcate a sense of positivity in every action you do brings greater results for NEET preparation. Just like the mythological character Arjuna from Mahabharata aims for the fish’s eye. The best way is to eliminate all the distractions and stay focused entirely on the examination results.   

Final Thoughts 

To sum it up, preparation for NEET is not an easy path to tread but the right planning and attitude towards the whole process bring you favorable results. The key is not to lose hope when troubles come on but to overcome them with renewed confidence and strong self-belief. Taking it as a life lesson and realizing that you are learning a lot during the process will surely give waves of positivity.  

Like many management, gurus emphasize, doing smart work in comparison to hard work is necessary for the NEET examination as well. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge has been accumulated; the ultimate deciding factor is how well you have implemented those concepts in the main examination.

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