Thousands of students dream of pursuing education abroad. It can be a life-transforming experience for students. Education abroad can be a prime way for them to hone additional social, academic, and language skills. It can also enhance their experience and make them job-ready with global networking and amazing internship opportunities. However, students often feel education overseas can be very expensive, and due to a lack of information and awareness, they miss out on such great opportunities. For instance, many of us consider education abroad to be highly expensive and unaffordable. Little do we know that students can even have a backup for the same. Some countries are warm and welcoming to foreign students and offer different scholarships and grants to help international students manage their academic fees and other expenses. Students only need to take the scholarship exams to achieve such facilities. 

In this blog, we will be talking about some foreign countries with great learning facilities and diverse socio-cultural approaches. Students can consider these countries and their colleges when they plan to study abroad. 

Different parameters for selecting the best country to study abroad are: 

When a student aspires to pursue education abroad, quality education is not the only parameter he/she should measure. There are other major factors too that can influence their stay and leverage education abroad.  

For instance, students must choose countries with an open and liberal approach towards foreigners. Countries that embrace international students with warmth and allow them to grow and become accomplished in a foreign land. For instance, Canada is a nation famous for its liberal approach toward international students. After completing education, students can even prolong their stay and find jobs in that country in order to settle down.  

Another important factor is language. Language can be a barrier. However, with interest and dedication, students can learn new languages. Students who aim to pursue education abroad must consider what language of instruction that country provides in its academic institutions. For instance, we Indians are mostly familiar with the English language. In countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New-Zealand people use the same language. For students who choose to pursue education in these countries, it will be an added benefit for them as they are already familiar with the English language.  

Education abroad can be expensive. Students often need to indulge in part-time work to meet their expenses of daily requirements. Some countries allow students to work as part-time employees for a certain amount of time each week while they are pursuing education. It can help students with financial strength and make them job-ready.  

There are a few countries that encourage foreign students to choose their education system over other nations. They offer handsome scholarships and grants to learners that they require to pay their college, admission, hostel fees, etc. Countries like the USA, Canada, China, Germany, etc. even encourage student exchange programs to help international students experience the best of education. 

Top countries to study abroad 

United States 

With globally recognized universities and research-oriented learning, the US is considered to be the most established country for its higher education system. Its structured approach toward academia and preference for innovation make them one of the most preferred nations to study and work in.  From globally recognized Ivy league institutions to hubs of innovation and cutting-edge technology discoverer CalTech or MIT – the USA has it all. Whatever a student wishes to study, he/she will receive the opportunity for the same. Over 750000 international students attend university in the USA every year. Moreover, their standard of living and liberal culture makes them one of the warmest and most welcoming nations. 


Germany is one of the most preferred academic destinations in Europe for Indian students. This country is known to be an affordable destination, where the cost of living can be slightly higher, but the tuition fees paid for education are almost zero or very little. Its top universities and colleges provide quality education, and it has been noticed recently that more than 70% of Indian students opt for Germany for higher education. 

German authorities charge nominal administration fees from the international students and other basic costs per semester. Indian students even get the permission of working 120 full days or 240 half days in a year during their academic course. Good scholarship options are also available for students in Germany. This country has more than 10 institutions that are listed in the top 200 QS world university rankings.   


Canada has emerged as one of the most preferred learning destinations for international students. The number of students going to Canada for higher studies has rapidly increased in past few years. The academic offerings of Canada are robust in nature, and it provides an array of courses such as Engineering, Hospitality, Animation, Media Studies, Biotechnology, and so on. The cost of education is comparatively less expensive in Canada and the country permits students to work part-time to manage their expenses.  

With a vibrant culture, beautiful environment, and massive regional diversity, Canada offers international students a lot to explore along with its internationally recognized universities and world-class education. 


Australia is one of the most popular and preferred nations for international students. Australia offers quality education tailored to modern pedagogy and intensive research opportunities. The country encourages students to ensure more and more hands-on learning experiences. The engineering and medicine courses in Australia are globally recognized and very comprehensive. Students across the world try to apply and get admission for these courses. Moreover, as an English-speaking country, Australia conducts education using the same English language.  

With sandy beaches, year-round sunshine, and a relaxed lifestyle, Australia is a soothing place to live. Considering its relatively small population, Australia has a high number of academic institutions making it in the top hundred for university academic rankings.  

New Zealand 

One of the most recent entries in preferred learning destinations for quality education abroad is New Zealand. In the last five years, there has been a remarkable increase in the number of Indian students getting enrolled in universities and colleges in this country. 

In a few study areas like horticulture, marine engineering, dairy technology, forensic science, geothermal energy, and biotechnology, the academic support offered by New Zealand’s institutes is considered the best in the world. A secure environment, warm and welcoming government, complete computerization, and advanced tools for training and learning at an affordable rate are some of the major USPs of the country. 


International students prefer Singapore for its unique management studies. The best management colleges in Singapore have introduced new and innovative management programs that attract students across the world. 

Moreover, the Singapore Government pays 75% of the tuition fees of international students. In return, the students are asked to work in that country for three years. 


France is a classic place to live and study. It has a rich culture, ancient history, and flourishing literature and philosophy. France is one of the favorites and preferred nations for students. The country has 3500+ educational institutes that include public-funded universities and Grandes Écoles. Indian students can select from various degree courses in different subjects offered by the university and pursue them. If a student is aiming to pursue education in France, he/she must consider learning about these subjects – architecture, political science, journalism, management studies, law, history, etc. 

The cost of higher education in France’s public universities is affordable. The government also provides financial grants and assistance for students with amazing academic records. Students can apply for scholarships separately released by French universities. Such scholarships make their academic journey smooth and help them bear their expenses. 

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