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AP Exams are used by the College Board to show universities the level of mastery in each subject. These exams help the students to stand out in the college admissions process, earn college credit, and build skills that are essential for their career ahead.

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Transforming problems into mastery

We take pride at Turito to have expert tutors who are pundits of their subjects and will teach their secret of achievement to your child. Be ready to learn from expert tutors, who can bring the best of your child with their expertise.

Simulation-Based Learning

Learn the kinesthetic way, with concepts easily understood and applying for the problem-solving. Simulation-based learning makes the student understand the concept in multiple dimensions- visual, simplicity, and basic facts about the subjects.

Instant, Interactive, Innovative

We don’t believe in boring classrooms. Our teachers choose interaction over lecturing. With focussed attention on each student, our teachers believe in academic excellence for every child. Therefore, for exams like AP, Turito provides 1-to-1 and 1-to-3 class sizes to ensure efficient and focused learnings.

Turito's Exclusive Offerings

Personalized learning with 1:1 interaction

Simulation - visual approach to enhance practical understanding

AP subject-matter experts to tutor your child

Access to class recordings for a year

AP subject-matter experts to tutor your child

Fortnightly weekly tests along with 5 full length tests

Subjects & Syllabus

AP Calculus AB (download syllabus)
AP Calculus BC (download syllabus)
AP Chemistry (download syllabus)
AP Physics 1 (download syllabus)
AP Physics 2 (download syllabus)
AP Physics C (download syllabus)


Subjects Offered Regular CourseCrash Course
AP Calculus AB 4517 Weeks141811 Weeks18
AP Calculus BC6022 Weeks162213 Weeks16
AP Chemistry7928 Weeks142012 Weeks14
AP Biology4116 Weeks141811 Weeks14
AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based6022 Weeks94524 Weeks9
AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based8028 Weeks96936 Weeks9
AP Physics C: Electricity
and Magnetism
5520 Weeks8169 Weeks8
AP Physics C: Mechanics 6725 Weeks7148 Weeks7
AP English Language
and Composition
4015 Weeks164015 Weeks16
AP English Literature
and Composition
4015 Weeks164015 Weeks16

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Turito provides personalized learning experience with learning that is tailor-made to suit your child's requirements. We offer Live interactive classes with one-to-one and one-to-three.

The AP Exams are usually held in May-June every year. Thus, the best time to apply and the deadline for the examination application revolves around these months and can be varied from school to school. To know the right time to apply for AP exams, you should always check the official College Board website and with your teacher or coordinator.

  • Login to https://myap.collegeboard.org/login the official website
  • If you are new to the page, register yourself with credentials
  • If you are an existing student, login with the details.
  • Choose the AP subject exam you wish to apply for and fill in the details
  • If you are registering for a course after November, you might be charged a late fee.
  • Review your details thoroughly and pay the exam fee online
  • Once this is done smoothly, your exam date, subject and time along with center will appear and communicated to you.

In case of failing in an AP exam, you can still get admission to a college. Colleges do have many criteria to accept or reject a student. Even failing in the AP exams do not impact your grade for the class or your GPA. This will be only affected by your final grade in the AP class.

AP typically provides you with the opportunity to take college-level courses and exams in high school and earn college credit advanced placement or both at many colleges and universities not only in the United States but around the world. With a good AP result, you can get credit or placement into your desired college.

To better prepare for AP exams, one of the most vital study tactics in your arsenal is the AP practice test. With practice tests, you will have every knowledge about AP exams beforehand. Practice tests will make you familiar with AP format and question styles. Through practice tests, you will be able to identify your knowledge and skills gaps.