To be an IIT topper is tough, but not impossible. To make the right strategy we bring you 15 Tips for IIT JEE  by Toppers and toppers study timetables. 

IIT JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is counted among the most important examinations in India. If you clear this exam, you can get into IIT, NIT, and other central institutes. JEE Mains is the first level, and after clearing this, you have to appear for JEE Advanced. 

If you get a top score in JEE Advanced, you can get into one of the country’s best IITs. The right strategy, guidance, and a never-say-die attitude are required. As an aspirant, it is essential to know how your seniors cracked this exam and grabbed top ranks. Their suggestions will surely help you in molding yourself for the examination. 

 Let us get to know the exam pattern and some preparation tips for IIT  by toppers and the toppers study timetable.

JEE exam pattern 

JEE Mains exam is conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency), and the exams for B.Tech (Paper 1), B.Arch (Paper 2A), and B.Planning (Paper 2B) are conducted separately. It is a computer-based test. The number of questions will be 90. The subjects covered will be Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry. You have to answer 75 of the total 90 questions.  

Paper 1 will be held in 4 sessions namely, February, March, April, and May. Paper 2A & 2B will be conducted two times a year (February & May). You can appear in more than 1 session to improve your ranking. If you appear for more than 1 session, your best score out of all sessions will be considered for ranking purposes.  

1. Say no to distractions 

JEE Main topper emphasized the importance of staying away from disturbances. TV, phone, going out, and all other distractions have to be stopped for a few years. This is the main thing that will help in getting concentration in studies. You can listen to music or take a break for some time. But don’t waste time on social media or games. Time lost is lost once and for all.  

2. Prepare a daily schedule

JEE topper explains the necessity of a daily routine. Time has to be allocated to different subjects, and you have to adhere to the schedule strictly. This is a vital aspect of preparation.  

3. Attend Mock Tests

IIT topper 2020 recommends aspirants appear for many mock tests. These tests help in managing time and also improve confidence. You can understand your mistakes and increase your speed. With each mock test, try to improve your score. Only through mock tests can you test your speed, accuracy and also know your weak points.  

4. Get your doubts cleared daily

Never pile up your doubts. With every passing day, you would forget to clarify, and finally, you may not have time to concentrate on your doubts. Try to get your doubts cleared from your mentors or teachers daily. Teachers play a significant role in your preparation.  

5. Be optimistic

This exam is very tough with a lot of competition, and you are putting in all your efforts. Do it happily. Believe in yourself and take things in the right spirit even if you don’t get the expected rank. The preparation will not go to waste as the knowledge you gain will stay with you forever. Have a positive approach towards life. 

6. Concentrate on your weak points

You should know your weak areas and work on them. Only this can help you clear the exam. Don’t concentrate more on things which you know well. The more you work on the topics you fear from, the more speed you will get on these topics.  

7. Prepare from 9th grade

When you start preparing right from 9th grade, you get a lot of time concentrating on all subjects and enough time to learn the concepts and logic. If you start preparation from your 11th grade, you may not have adequate time to focus on all three subjects. Also, you have to give time for tough topics and revision as well. The earlier, the better. 

8. Self-motivation

It is but natural to lose motivation or get lethargic and dull. But it is imperative to motivate oneself all the time during preparation. You may have fear and start doubting yourself. It happens for everyone. But you should keep telling yourself that you can do it. Never quit. 

9. Stay cool

You may have fear, stress, anxiety while preparing for the exam. But all emotions have to be under control or else you cannot concentrate on your studies. Try to practice meditation and exercise that will help you cool down. If you get tensed and worried all the time, you cannot do well in the exam. 

10. Choose the right books

Getting the right books and reading those religiously will help you quickly grasp concepts. Good books can help you in a great way. Select books that have many practice tests and also which is an updated version.  

11. Practice

All toppers who got top JEE rank feel that regular practice is the key to success. Practicing previous years’ question papers can help you understand the exam pattern and know the weightage given to each subject.  

 12. Don’t be in a hurry while solving the paper

Take time to read the question correctly and prepare a plan before you begin to solve it. 

13. Sleep well

Students spend long hours reading. Rest is also an essential part. Only good sleep can keep your brain functioning at an optimum level without any confusion. Lack of sleep may affect you physically too.  

14. Quality important than quantity

The number of hours you study doesn’t matter. Whether you study with full concentration or not is the most important thing.  

15. Don’t always think of ranks

Several IIT toppers felt that aspirants should not keep on thinking of rank during preparation. Instead, they should work hard with determination and focus and give their best.  

Toppers’ study timetable

IIT toppers suggest setting a timetable initially for a week. When you can complete as planned, try to add more workload to the next week’s schedule.  

Tips for setting timetable: 

  • Take a little break after preparing each subject. 
  • Once in a week, set a time for revision. 
  • Make a realistic timetable which you can follow daily. 
  • Instead of concentrating on one subject, try to read different subjects after regular intervals, keeping your brain active. 

Books recommended by IIT JEE toppers: 

  • Trigonometry – S.L. Loney 
  • Inorganic Chemistry – J.D. Lee 
  • Problems in General Physics – I.E. Irodov 
  • Organic Chemistry – Morrison and Boyd 
  • NCERT books 

The Wrap Up 

You have to remain cool and determined. Just keep thinking of how great it would be to get into an IIT. Visualize those happy moments daily and stay motivated! If you know your abilities and are confident and focused about them, you can clear this exam.  

Always remember, “Hard work pays off”. Take care of your mental health. Stop comparing yourself with friends. Keep improving your capabilities with every mock test. Take the support of a coaching institute that will help you prepare for the exams in the right direction.  

Get going! Cheers to your hard work and efforts! One day very soon, you might become one of the IIT toppers posing happily to the shutterbugs! Aim for the sky!