Are you wondering how to score good marks in JEE Main Exam without studying? We have some guessing tricks you can use to mark the multiple-choice questions right. 

Several lakhs of class 10 PCM students appear for the JEE-Main exam every year. Among all of them, the most common question one can hear is – “how to score good marks in JEE Main Exam without studying?” To be honest, doing so is not possible. However, in times of need, several guessing tricks can help you solve some IIT JEE multiple-choice questions. 

The Joint Entrance Examination- Main (JEE-Main) is a national examination for various undergraduate engineering and architecture courses. The examination is a gateway for future engineers to get admission to their dream institute. It is a computer-based paper comprising Paper 1(B. Tech) and Paper 2 (B. Arch/B. Plan). Paper 1 has 90 questions (students need to attempt 75), 25 each from Physics, Chemistry, and Math. Further, each subject has 20 multiple-choice questions and 5 Numerical based questions. 

While it is crucial to prepare for the paper, here is how you can correctly guess the answer and score good marks in the JEE-Main exam: 

Is There a Guessing Trick to Score Good Marks in the IIT JEE Main Exam? 

Numerous students attempt JEE mains questions each year. However, only a handful manage to get most of them right and clear the exam with a top rank. Owing to the vast competition, difficulty level, and time-bound pattern of the exam, it becomes challenging for students to get all the questions right in the exam. 

There are specific questions that require guessing. However, aspirants need to be very careful while doing so due to the exam’s negative marking scheme. While there is no guessing trick to get the guessed questions right, there are a few things one can keep in mind and take their chance. Read ahead to know more. 

JEE Mains Guessing Tips and Tricks to Score Good Marks 

Before everything else, candidates must be aware of the JEE-Main exam pattern. The multiple-choice questions section is conceptual, and each question carries four marks for the correct answer. Also, there is a deduction of 1 mark for every wrong answer. Further, the numerical section has a choice of attempting five questions out of 10. The best part about this section is, there is no negative marking for it! 

Thus, this is the part where the guessing might work. Here are the JEE mains tips and tricks you can follow for it: 

Understanding the JEE Mains Questions 

Are you wondering how to get into IIT?  Getting most of the questions right in the JEE exam is the key. While it may be risky to guess some questions, some are easy to crack. Therefore, before attempting a problem, be calm and read the question thoroughly. Make sure to understand what the question is demanding and what are the options for the answer. Quickly recall the topic and formulas, if required. 

Looking for The No Negative Marking Section 

The JEE paper has two kinds of questions – one with the negative marking and the no negative marking section. While it may be risky to guess the problem with the negative marking, you can play safe by answering all the no negative marking questions. 

This way, there will be no mark deduction if you get a wrong answer. However, if you get it right, it will boost your score. Make sure never to miss out on any question from the numerical section with no negative marking scheme. 

Importance of Previous Year’s Exam Analysis 

Go through the previous year’s papers to get an idea about the topics from which the questions are mostly asked. Practice those particular sections more and more. There are bright chances of the question to be asked from these again. 

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Following the Elimination Method 

If you want to guess an answer, the most common guessing trick to follow is the elimination method. For this, read the question carefully and examine the options. Now, each question has four possible options. Once you go through them all, eliminate the ones which are entirely unrelated to the question. It will limit the options and give you a better chance to guess the correct answer.    

Using Options to Find the Answer 

Another guessing trick students can follow is using the options to guess the answer. This method is sure to come in handy in the case of equation-based questions. If you come across such a question and are not aware of the formula, do not panic! Simply go for options. Equate all of them in question to solve it. And voila! You will guess the right answer. 

Dimensions Can Come in Handy 

Knowing the dimensions is also a handy guessing trick for the Physics section. It is because the JEE-Main physics section involves many dimension-based questions. You can filter your choices if you know the unit of the entity asked in the question.  

Let’s say you may have to answer a question about speed. Here speed is your dimension. Filter out the options which do not have m/sec as their dimension. This trick will help to solve dimension-based questions easily and give an additional boost to your score. 

Looking Closely at The Units and Values 

Another thing you can do is keep the units and values in mind. Numerous questions in the exam involve units and values. For example, in a question of thermodynamics or heat, you may get the following options: 

(a) 80c 

(b) 100 K 

(c) 90c 


Look at all these units and values closely. Three choices in the above options are in degree Celsius. It means that the answer will probably be in degrees Celsius. Now, since 100 is in two options, there is a high probability that 100c is the answer. 

While this guessing trick seems easy, it may not always be correct. So, think before deciding the answer, especially if you are using it for the section with negative marking. 

Do Not Hesitate from Making Assumptions 

Making assumptions might not be a good thing in life. However, for answering the JEE main questions, this might be the easiest guessing trick. It may particularly come in handy for the Math section. Here, candidates can assume some value for a question. It not only helps to solve it but also saves time. 

Preparing for The Easy Topics 

While the question of how to score good marks in JEE without studying may seem enticing, doing so is not possible. Therefore, one needs to put in all the efforts to prepare for the JEE exam, especially the difficult topics. However, in all this, do not forget the easy ones. 

Topics from modern physics such as atoms, nuclei, radiation are amongst the simplest ones. These topics can fetch you many correct answers as questions are frequently asked from these topics. 

Following the Standard Textbooks – NCERT 

NCERT is the standard textbook on which the JEE mains questions are based. So, study NCERT books thoroughly to score good marks in the JEE mains exam. Students may come across many direct questions from the NCERT books. Therefore, studying the NCERT book is a must for all JEE main aspirants. 

The Wrap Up 

The above guessing tricks are sure to help you score good marks in JEE-Mains. However, always remember guessing is the last option one must have while attempting any exam. Guesswork might help you to play smartly, but only with some questions. It is largely the understanding of concepts and hard work, that will help you pass the exam.  

 Study well for your exam and apply the above tricks in your practice to score smartly in the JEE mains exam. But remember it is only hard work and hours of study that will help you get to your dream college. Good luck!