Most Common Myths about IIT JEE

“It is next to impossible to crack IIT JEE if you are not a bookworm!”  

“You must opt for private coaching to get a good rank in the IIT JEE exam.” 

Once you embark on your JEE preparation journey, you are sure to be bombarded with such statements. Undeniably, more than half of the PCM students who pass out of class 12 are engineering aspirants and wish to make it to the IITs – the country’s leading engineering institutes. However, such statements can misguide you on your journey to crack JEE. 

Therefore, it is always wise to be informed and stay away from myths that can reduce your chances of cracking the exam. Here is a list of all the misconceptions you need to steer clear of: 

Common Myths about IIT JEE Misconceptions you must avoid 

  • Myths 1: You are an average student! Stop dreaming about cracking IIT-JEE. 

You will be surprised to know that not every IIT student can solve a JEE question within seconds. It means that your status as an average student cannot get in your way of cracking your JEE exam with flying colors, especially if you are determined. 

Sure, the exam can be a tough nut to crack, but there is nothing that hard work, planning, dedication, and immense practice cannot do. Thus, irrespective of whether you are a topper at school or not, you can successfully get through the IIT JEE exam. 

  • Myths 2: You Have to Move to Kota. There’s No Other Way to Clear JEE. 

“Kota is the best place for IIT JEE preparation,” – you may have many peers that say this to you. Unquestionably, it is a hub of coaching classes, especially for JEE. However, if you cannot take up JEE coaching classes in Kota, it doesn’t mean you can never crack the exam. 

Kota is not a magical place that can help you achieve impressive ranks. Even if you stay in a remote area, proper planning and the right guidance are all you need to crack JEE. Your success is entirely dependent on your hard work and the coaching center or e-learning program was chosen by you will support you in this endeavor. 

  • Myths 3: Your study hours decide your fate! 

Going that extra mile to prepare for your IIT JEE exam is sure to pay off well. But this does not demand that you study for 10-12 hours straight to succeed. Pushing your limits can exhaust you and thereby become a hindrance in your preparation. 

Therefore, it is not the right thing to compare your study hours to chances at clearing IIT JEE. Rely on your level of grasping power to know how many hours a day you need to study. Also, make sure not to compare it with others. While you may prepare a unit in a few hours, others may take an entire day to understand it. 

  • Myths 4: Study as many books as you can and you are sure to succeed. 

Stacking up on more books will never help you get more marks. It can only occupy more space and end up leaving you confused and stressed. Therefore, always make sure to focus on the basic concepts and NCERT books. Then, put them into practice rather than going through them again and again. 

Sometimes, referring to heaps of books can only waste your precious time as these may tell you the same thing. Further, some study materials may have information that is of no use to you. Ensure that once you complete your JEE syllabus, you solve as many mock tests as possible. It will help you understand the clarity you attained on the concepts. 

  • Myths 5: You need not study the whole year. Dedicated studying during the last month is enough. 

While you must not stress yourself and study straight for hours, you cannot prepare for JEE well in a limited period. Yes, if you have a strong grasping power, you may synchronize with the concepts readily but may not score the best. 

The earlier you begin your JEE training, the better it is. Doing so will give you that much-needed time to practice and revise. Leaving your preparation for the last month is more of a gamble. Always remember that you cannot leave the fulfillment of your IIT dreams on mere luck. Success hardly comes that way. Instead, go for smart planning, perseverance, and hard work. 

  • Myths 6: Preparing for Boards and IIT-JEE is the same thing. 

Never fall for this myth. It is essential to give enough time to both for performing well. If you think your 12th boards and JEE to be the same, you may even end up underperforming in both. Further, you must also know that if you get a good percentage in your board exams, it does not imply that you will get a good rank in IIT-JEE. 

The concepts in the 11th and 12th standards are undoubtedly essential but only preparing for them cannot help you crack JEE. Along with focusing on your boards, you need to prepare well to score the best in JEE Main and Advanced. 

  • Myths 7: It’s okay if you’re weak in Chemistry. Focus on your stronger subject to compensate It. 

Call it bad luck or ignorance, but most of the time, you end up seeing those questions in exams that you did not prepare for. A reason behind this may be that you tend to ignore the subject or chapters that are not your favorite. Alternatively, you may only focus on the hard part and ignore the easy units. 

Either way, you may end up ignoring some of the critical topics that are sure to show up in your JEE exam. Therefore, never leave any subject or unit untouched. If you are a Math whiz, compensating your Chemistry or Physics marks with it is not possible. Try to cover all the topics – even the most difficult ones – with an expert teacher’s guidance. 

  • Myths 8: Studying at night will help you learn more 

If studying at night works for you, do that. However, this in no way is the right strategy to prepare for your IIT JEE exam. The same goes for studying during the early hours of the morning. Instead, choose a time that fits your schedule. 

Besides, if you try to force study time on yourself, it may leave you tired. This fatigue, in turn, can have a significant impact on your concentration and lead to poor academic performance. Also, you may end up worsening your health. 

  • Myths 9: As a JEE Aspirant, You need to give up on your social life. 

Being a JEE aspirant does not imply that you will not have a social life. Yes, you may need to study more than your friends, but you will need social breaks when you feel dull and tired after those extra study hours. 

Therefore, while you prepare for IIT JEE with utmost dedication, do not forget to take little breaks to rejuvenate your mind and body. During this time, indulge in any fun activity you want – be it spending time with your friends or watching your favorite movie or TV show! 

  • Myths 10: You may have to answer “anything” during Your IIT-JEE Exam. 

Be it IIT JEE or any competitive exam, one thing that you can hear a lot is – “get ready to answer anything.” It is absolutely wrong. Well, at least that’s the case with JEE Main and Advanced exams. You have a fixed syllabus for it. 

Therefore, while you are preparing for the exam, make it a point to be thorough with the syllabus. This way, you will know about the concepts you need to focus on. Once you complete the syllabus, go through the previous year’s papers, solve mock tests, make time for revision, and IIT-JEE is not far. 

  • Myths 11: If you score well in JEE Main, you can crack JEE Advanced easily. 

Who hasn’t heard of Kalpit Veerwal – A 17-year-old boy who topped JEE Main 2017 and scored 360/360? The same boy got 109th rank in JEE Advanced with 303 marks. The pattern for both these exams is different, and so are the papers you need to give for them.  

In the case of Main, there is only one exam, while for JEE Advanced, the candidate needs to appear for two exams. Also, for your JEE Main, your 12th board percentage has a weightage, whereas it is not the case with JEE Advanced. It indicates that a good scorer in JEE Main cannot necessarily score the best in JEE Advanced. 

Final Thoughts 

“Effective JEE coaching will teach you the shortcuts to crack it,” – this is another silly myth you may come across. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to clear IIT JEE. So, the next time you come across a program that says – “Crack JEE in 2 Weeks,” know that it is a scam.  

Now that we have helped you bust all the myths about IIT JEE start fresh with your preparation.