When and How Should I Begin my IIT JEE Preparation?

Do you dream of getting into IIT? Then, you should know a lot about IITs, the exams, how to study, and other things before you start your IIT JEE preparation. The total number of IITs in India is 23, and based on your ranking, you can choose the IIT and the course. To get into any IIT, you have to clear IIT JEE Main and Advanced. If you clear these two levels, you can get admitted to one of these prestigious institutions in the country. 

This exam is conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency) every year. NTA JEE Main 2021 is going to take place in 4 sessions (February/March/April/May). JEE Advanced 2021 will be conducted in July. To succeed in this highly competitive examination, preparation is crucial. 

Parents and youngsters have this doubt regarding when to start focusing on IIT JEE preparation. Whether to begin after the 10th board examinations or from 9th grade itself? “The early bird catches the worm”- This proverb says it all. The earlier you start your JEE Main preparation, the stronger you are to compete! It is highly recommended to start preparing from 9th grade. 

  • Why Start Early? 

You may think, why should you begin IIT coaching during 9th and why not during your 11th class? Let’s analyze the reasons behind this now. 

  • You get more time for preparation

You are less burdened during class 9 than class 10 or class 11. To clear an exam like IIT, you need a lot of time to study and revise. You also can get a clear understanding of concepts.

  • Your ability and confidence improve 

Since you started your preparations early, by repeated practice and focused study, your fear goes away, and confidence improves. 

  • No need to lose a year for preparation 

If you choose to study for the exam only from the 11th grade, there are chances that you may not succeed on your first attempt. Some students take a break of 1 year, especially for JEE preparation. If you start early, you need not waste time. 

  • You develop focus and concentration 

Your goal is set, and you have worked hard right from the beginning. Getting into the groove of this preparation stage becomes relatively easy as you start early. You also get used to staying away from distractions. 

  • Best time to plan your future 

9th grade is the best time to decide about your future. As you don’t have much stress, you can have a clear ambition based on your interests. 

How to start IIT JEE preparation?  

  • Know your resources  

Don’t be afraid of the exam and don’t have a pessimistic attitude. If you aim to clear the IIT exam, firstly check the syllabus of IIT JEE. You have to concentrate mainly on 3 subjects—Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Start reading NCERT books, and then you can buy specific books for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. Don’t buy too many books. Buy only those books that can help you learn concepts quickly and also provide many practice tests.  

Coaching is a vital resource. Once you understand how to approach the exam, you can do self-study. Whenever you get doubts, get them cleared by your teachers or mentors at the coaching institute.  

  • Practice! Practice! Practice! 

Practicing is the main thing that will help you master any topic. Go through at least 10 years’ question paper. Just memory power or mugging alone will not help you clear this exam. Only when you understand the concepts clearly, you can apply the logic to solve any problem. 

Managing your time is highly important. Prepare a schedule and always stick to that. Time is the most precious thing, and don’t waste it. Don’t postpone your revision or practice.

  • Stress and health management 

You should know to manage your stress as well. First, try to finish the more complex topics. This will increase your confidence and bring down your tension as well. Spend less time on your smartphone. Practice exercise, and meditation to calm down. 

Never compare yourself with your friends. This may demotivate you. Just see if you can improve your speed and efficiency. Procrastination is a bad habit, and it will ruin your preparation. 

Take excellent care of your health by consuming vegetables, fruits and avoiding junk foods. If you don’t take proper care, you may end up losing a year. Follow proper sleep hygiene as sleep is vital for good mental and physical functioning.  

IIT Coaching 

The next question you may have in mind is whether to opt for online or offline IIT coaching. Let us look at the benefits and disadvantages of both online and offline coaching closely. 

Benefits of online IIT coaching
  • You need not rush here and there and avoid unnecessary travel—no tension of missing the class or being late. 
  • You can prepare for your exams right from your study table.  
  • There is no hurry bury. You can listen to or watch lectures again and again. That’s the major flexibility. 
  • You can study at your convenient time and can also cut down on travel expenses.  
  • You also get the option of clarifying your doubts.
Disadvantages of online IIT coaching
  • You may not have the natural feel of classroom coaching, and there may not be any interaction with fellow students. 
  • You may feel lazy as there is no face-to-face class. 
  • You may have issues in clearing your doubts. 
Advantages of offline IIT coaching
  • You will get to interact with teachers and fellow aspirants. 
  • You will get motivated as you attend a class every day. 
  • Understanding the concepts becomes a bit easier as you are in the class. 
Disadvantages of offline coaching
  • You may feel tired traveling to and fro. 
  • You might waste time with friends in the class. 
  • If you miss out on any class, then it will be a problem to catch up. 
  • You don’t get the luxury of listening to the explanation many times due to lack of time. 

Choosing online or offline coaching depends on your judgment. But only self-study is not enough. With the best mentors in the coaching institute, you can get motivated and also learn quickly. You will also get a lot of study material and get to take many mock tests to evaluate your preparation.  

Final Thoughts 

This is a cut-throat competition, and hence it is essential to know your score, rank, and efficiency. You have to be in the top ranks to get a seat in the top IIT. With mock tests, you can know where you stand at the national level. 

Start your preparation from 9th so that you will become more confident and skillful with many years of practice. There are no shortcuts to success. Believe in yourself and give your best. Be optimistic and stay cheerful. With regular practice, determination, and hard work, you can get admission to one of India’s top IITs. 

Best wishes! Get started!