Tips to Study for NEET from Class 11

If you opt for PCB in class 11, being a doctor is most probably on your mind. To start the journey towards achieving this dream, NEET is a necessary criterion. This test is specially designed for aspirants who want to get into the country’s top private and government medical colleges. While it is a compulsory exam for BDS and MBBS courses, it can be pretty challenging to crack. 

Each year, several students prepare for this exam. Some of them opt for conventional coaching, while others prefer the online mode. For the latter, they often look for the best app for NEET preparation 2021. Irrespective of the method you use, it is always wise to start NEET preparation as early as class 11. Read the article and learn more about how to study for NEET from class 11. 

How to Find the Best App for Preparing NEET from Class 11 in 2021? 

Students can come across various online portals that offer NEET training online. There are multiple coaching centers out there. Almost every ideal platform does a similar thing – they provide quality study material and offer the best NEET teachers’ guidance. In the end, you must know how to use it to study well and achieve a top rank. 

To find the best app for NEET preparation 2021, ensure that the study material offered follows the NEET syllabus. Also, the training must focus on both accuracy and time.  In case of a doubt, you must be able to reach your online trainer easily 

Best Study Plan for Preparing NEET From Class 11 

While it is crucial to find a good NEET preparation program, it will only yield benefits if you have a study plan and stick to it. During the NEET exam, you will have to be clear with your concepts and know-how to solve everything in the given time. Typically, you must start your medical entrance exam preparation NEET from class 11. When you do so, here is all you must keep in mind.  

Put Together A Perfect Time Table 

As soon as your 11th standard classes start, do not waste time. The sooner you decide to begin the NEET preparation, the better it is! Some students even begin their preparation as soon as they are done with their class 10 boards. While it is possible to complete the syllabus even if you start later in class 12, it will not give you much time for revision and focus on the boards. 

Even for starting the preparation early, you will need a timetable. After all, it is necessary to focus on the class 11 exams, as well. When you put together a timetable for NEET preparation, make sure it has enough time for everything. Along with study sessions for class 11 exams and NEET, there should be enough breaks in the timetable. If you stick to your study plan, cracking NEET can become super-easy for you. 

Focus Towards Understanding the Concepts 

When it comes to NEET preparation, some students jump straight away to solving MCQs. However, it is not the right way to prepare. To solve the MCQs, one must have a thorough knowledge of all the concepts in the syllabus. Therefore, in the beginning, only focus on understanding the concepts. 

As you study the class 11 syllabus for the school exam, make sure you understand and remember it well for NEET. Test your knowledge by solving some MCQs. If you can do so, you understand the concepts well. If not, it is time for a redo. 

Know the Best books for NEET 2021 Preparation 

If you are wondering how to study in class 11 so that you prepare for NEET, it is crucial to find the best books for preparation. An ideal book has all the information in place and does not get repetitive. For all the subjects, focus on the NCERT books. In addition to this, we suggest the following for class 11 NEET preparation: 

  • Physics: Concepts of Physics Vol one by H.C. Verma and NCERT Exemplar
  • Chemistry: Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J. D. Lee and NCERT Exemplar
  • Biology: Trueman’sElementary Biology Volume – I and NCERT Exemplar 

Make Time for Revision and Practice 

Even if you are familiar with all the concepts, revision and practice are important. Your NEET preparation will never be complete without them. Therefore, when starting preparation for NEET from class 11, students must also focus on revising and practicing the concepts. For this, your study schedule must have a slot for revision. 

Most students prefer to do it at night, before bed. On the other hand, some prefer revising in the morning. You can opt for any time that suits you the best. As for practice, once you understand a concept, solve MCQs related to it. NEET aspirants can devote 1-2 hours a day to this.
 Never Ignore the Incorrectly Attempted Questions 

While you are practicing with the MCQs, you may make numerous mistakes. In the beginning, it is normal to do so. However, one must never ignore these mistakes. Always make a note of all the questions you get wrong. Then, revise again, and give the question a second shot. Do so till you can get them right. 

Then, try attempting similar questions. By doing so, you will be able to solve even the most challenging questions on the test day. Doing so is also an effective way to track your progress and know about the areas one needs to put more effort into. 

 Your Health Is Important for NEET Preparation 

When you start as early as preparing for NEET from class 11, one thing that you can do is focus on health. With only five or fewer months left for the exam, it may not be possible to do so. However, when one knows that there is time for the exam, taking care of oneself becomes easy. Further, there is also less mental pressure on the students. Here is what every NEET enthusiast must keep in mind: 

  • Keep yourself active.
  • Always have a healthy diet.
  • Make sure to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Try meditation or yoga to focus better.
  • Always set up achievable goals.
  • Keep your potential in mind and make a timetable accordingly.
  • Divide time equally for each subject.
  • Do not forget to take frequent small breaks.
  • Instead of stressing too much, focus on one unit at a time.


This is the how-to study for NEET from class 11. Make sure to come up with a perfect study plan. Now, since you are starting early, you will have time for this. Get rid of any distractions, and follow them well. If you start preparation from class 11 with utmost dedication, it is possible to get a top rank in the NEET exam 2021. While you do all this, always prioritize looking after their mental and physical health. It will help you concentrate better in the NEET preparation. All the best!