Impact of Deleted CBSE Syllabus on NEET 2021

CBSE had reduced the syllabus of 11th and 12th grade for the academic session of 2020-21 due to the pandemic and the lockdown imposed throughout the country. Deleted CBSE syllabus class 12 to reduce the stress and burden faced by the students as they have to face board exams and also other entrance examinations without adequate classroom coaching. 

The major fear among students now is how this will impact the preparation for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) exam. the NEET exam is set up based on the 11th & 12th CBSE syllabus. Many have doubts if the NEET 2021 syllabus was reduced in the same manner as class 12. But the answer is no.  

There is no reduction in the NEET syllabus for 2021. We will check the deleted CBSE syllabus of class 12 and class 11 in this article and also get to know how students have to prepare for NEET after the deleted CBSE syllabus of classes 11 and 12.  

Steps were taken by CBSE: 

NEET is an all-India entrance examination that is conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency) for selecting students for MBBS/BDS courses in several medical and dental colleges across India. With your NEET rank, you can get a seat in the finest medical institutions in India like AIIMS, JIPMER, CMC, AFMC, etc. The NEET syllabus is mainly based on the 11th and 12th grade CBSE syllabus.  

However, given the ongoing pandemic and reduction in classroom teaching, the CBSE has reduced portions from class 11 and 12 syllabi. This will also reduce exam stress among students.  

Impact of the deleted CBSE syllabus on NEET preparation:  

Though many topics have been removed, one topic is interrelated to another topic.  

So, if you are preparing for NEET, you have to read the deleted CBSE syllabus as well. You can get help from coaching institutes or teachers to cover the deleted CBSE syllabus.  

On analyzing previous years’ NEET question papers, you’ll come across questions asked from the deleted CBSE syllabus. Therefore, for the NEET exam, you even need to study the deleted CBSE syllabus.  

It may be difficult for the students to prepare for NEET this year. Students will have to spend extra time and effort reading the chapters not taught in school.  

How to prepare for NEET 2021? 
  • Know about the syllabus and exam pattern of the NEET exam. 
  • Practice previous years’ question papers to understand the weightage given to each topic and the marks scheme. 
  • Make a schedule to give equal importance to Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. 
  • Be thorough with NCERT books of classes 11 and 12. 
  • Take mock tests that will help you in understanding your rank at the national level. 
  • Keep on practicing. 
  • Be focused and stay away from any kind of distractions. 
  • Take the help of the coaching institute for your tough subject and get study material as well. 
  • Stay healthy and stay motivated. 
  • Buy the right books and allot time to read and revise all the books. 
  • Always stay clear of doubts. 
  • Have adequate sleep daily. 
  • Take breaks and refresh yourself. 
  • Exercise daily to have good physical and mental health. 
  • Don’t avoid any topics. 
  • Try to solve each section within a particular time. Time management is very essential.
List of medical courses you can join through the NEET exam: 
  • MBBS 
  • BDS 
  • Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery 
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science 
  • Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery 
  • Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery 
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy 
  • Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yoga Systems 
  • Bachelor of Siddha Medicine and Surgery 
NEET 2021 exam pattern: 
  • Questions will cover Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. 
  • Total number of questions: 180 
  • Total Marks: 720 
  • Questions from Physics: 45  
  • Questions from Chemistry: 45 
  • Questions from Biology: 90 
  • Mark for correct answer: 4 
  • Mark for incorrect answer: -1 
  • Duration: 3 hours

Final Thoughts 

NEET exam is highly competitive and you can get into the best medical colleges if you clear it. You have to be dedicated and put in your sincere efforts. No reduction has been made in the NEET syllabi this year.  

So, make sure that you even read all the portions that are excluded from school syllabi.  

Leave your tensions and worries, and calm your mind by yoga or meditation. Have a positive attitude and keep faith in yourself. The first thing you have to do is read class 11 and 12 NCERT books of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, and then read other books.  

Though NEET is one of the toughest exams in India, you can clear the exam if you are determined and practice well.  All the Best!