NEET exam is a very important milestone for the medical aspirants. Many students consider it their only option to achieve a bright future in the field of medicine. The candidates spend so much time preparing for attempting the NEET exam and waiting for the results, that they’re often left clueless about what happens after NEET results are over. Here are a few details about the after steps of NEET 2021. 

 The courses offered through NEET 2022:

  • MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) 
  • BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) 
  • BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) 
  • BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) 
  • BUMS (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery) 
  • BSMS (Bachelor of Siddha Medicine and Surgery)

The sequence of events after NEET Results 2022 

Provisional answer key 

A provisional answer key for NEET is released by the NTA within a span of 2-3 weeks after the exam has been conducted. Candidates can tally their answers against the correct ones to predict their NEET score. The reason that of providing this provisional answer sheet is so that the students can see if they are not satisfied with any answer and claim their complaint. This answer key is published on the NTA website with all the other NEET information. 

Raising objections against the provisional answer key 

If in case any answer provided in the answer key is incorrect, candidates can raise objections against them. They can file a complaint to the agency about the incorrect answer, provided they have sufficient data to prove their point. For the same, the candidate needs to make a payment of Rs. 1,000/ to the agency.   

If their claim is correct, the full amount is refunded to them and the revised answer key is released with the correct answer. This safety amount is to be paid to ensure no pranks are played in this process and the conduction of the exam goes smoothly. 

Final answer key 

After all the objections are resolved, the final answer key is released by the NTA. No objections or changes, whatsoever are tolerated in the final key. This final version is used to evaluate the NEET paper. 


The answer sheets of the candidates are evaluated against the final answer key and the result is uploaded on the official website of NTA NEET. When NEET 2020 results came out, the announcement was made on news, TV, and various social media platforms to notify the candidates to check their results. They could do so by entering their application ID and password on the official NEET website.
 Based on the result, a cut-off is decided by the NTA to determine who will pass the exam. Usually, this cut-off is 50 percentiles of candidates from the General category and 40 percentiles for those from SC/ST/OBC categories. However, if the number of students qualifying for the exam is lesser than required, this cut-off can be revised. 

15% AIQ Merit List 

After the result declaration, the NTA prepares the list of qualifying candidates and ranks them based on their marks. This merit list is used for the admission process under the All-India Quota (AIQ) counselling. The other list released is for the candidates who have qualified for the examination with their respective states for admission. This is where the role of NTA ends. 

NTA NEET Counselling 

The next most crucial process after NEET 2022 is the counselling phase. This process is lengthy and complicated due to the many types of counselling taking place and the available number of seats for different NEET colleges. Here is an overview of the MBBS/BDS seats available for candidates who qualify for NEET 2022. 

 The All-India Quota (AIQ) seats and the seats in deemed and central universities are counselled by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS). The state quota seats in State government colleges and all private colleges throughout India are counselled by the State Counselling Authority. 

The counselling process for NEET seats 

1. All India Quota (AIQ) Seats 

15% of seats from all government medical and dental colleges in India (except for J&K) are allotted to the NEET AIQ. According to this quota, students residing anywhere in the nation can apply to any Indian college without the state barrier. 

If a candidate wishes to apply for the AIQ, they need to fill out the application form released by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS). This counselling begins online. 

2. Deemed and Central Universities 

After the AIQ, medical and dental seats in the Deemed and Central Universities across India are open to counselling. These universities include well-reputed institutions across India like Delhi University and Banaras Hindu University. 

The DGHS oversees the counselling process for these universities as well. Like the AIQ, candidates need to fill out a separate application form to qualify for admission to these universities. This form is available online. 

3. State Government Colleges 

After the 15% reservation for AIQ, the remaining 85% seats are allotted to respective states. Candidates belonging to a particular state can apply for admission in the institutes within their own state. The application form for this quota is released by the respective state counselling authorities. 

4. Private Colleges 

After the government-mandated quotas and seats, qualifying NEET 2022 candidates can apply to any private college across India as per their own choice. They can seek admission to the college and degree of their choice. Most private colleges have their own counselling process or entrance exams, but the others take only NEET marks into consideration. The state counselling authorities who conduct counselling for state quota seats conduct the counselling for private colleges as well.  

Counselling Process 

Throughout the counselling process, candidates need to always keep a few mandatory documents available to them. These documents include NEET Admit Card 2022, NEET rank letter, Class 10 or 12 (or equivalent) mark sheet and certificate, a government-mandated ID proof like Aadhaar Card or passport and domicile proof (only for state quota seats). 

What if you dont qualify for neet

What if a candidate does not qualify for NTA NEET 2022? 

If a candidate is unable to secure the desired marks of rank in the NEET exam, there is always the option to reappear for the exam next year with better preparation and more dedication. That is, if your NEET 2022 result was not as you expected, you can reappear for NEET 2023. As per recent NTA NEET information, there is no upper cap to the number of attempts to the exam anymore. This means that a candidate can appear for the exam as many times as preferred. 

 Besides, the NEET exam is not a medium to score seats only in the MBBS or BDS degree. The score can also be used to apply to several other courses like BPT, BVS, among others. There are many options available. 

 Medicine is a vast field that encompasses various fields like Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Forensic Science, Psychology, and others. These fields are direct contributors to the field of medical study and have a huge scope to build a great career. So, if your NEET Results didn’t come out as you’d hoped, there are plenty of other options for you to explore.