JEE and NEET Exam Smart Tips To Make Your Child Top

Success comes to those who work hard for it. While most people believe that it’s a by-product of sheer luck, success results from hard work. While appearing for competitive exams like JEE and NEET exams, students must build healthy habits to get their desired score. Most students take inspiration from toppers’ study schedules and build one for themselves to help them sail through their preparation phase. 

JEE and NEET Exam Toppers’ Study Plan 

Love to learn 

JEE and NEET exam toppers do not limit themselves to learning exam-related concepts. They have a natural desire to learn more. When they question things around them, academically or generally in life, they learn things that help them succeed. 


As a JEE/NEET aspirant, your main aim is to crack the exam. While one should prioritize studying over other aspects, it is not advisable to center your entire day around it. For example, engaging in a recreational activity for one hour is suggested to keep your mind and body healthy. Toppers divide their schedule in a way that they can prepare as well as spend some spare time doing leisure activities. They find ways to complement their motivation level by following their hobby and passion. 

Set your goals 

Setting their goals in advance and sticking to them is an integral part of success not just in entrance exams but in real life. JEE and NEET exam topper interviews suggest that they plan and set goals for success. However, unrealistic goals always confuse and do not contribute to your preparation. For you to be able to achieve them, you must set SMART goals. 

(S) Specific

(M) Measurable 

(A) Attainable 

(R) Realistic 

(T) Time-bound

Follow a routine

After setting SMART goals, the first step is to build a routine and follow it religiously. This routine could be short-term (daily) or long-term (weekly or monthly). Laying out a routine will help you dedicate the required amount of time to all aspects of your day.  

However, certain unrealistic routines like studying straight for 20 hours are toxic and unachievable. If you set these routines, you’re more likely to falter and affect your physical and mental health. Build a routine that fits your lifestyle, avoid ripping one-off from the internet. To be successful, more people take inspiration from NEET toppers’ timetables and tailor them as per their needs. 

Analyze your performance 

Setting goals and laying out the perfect plan to help you crack any exam is only good if it yields good results. If your perfect plan doesn’t help you reach your goals or progress in life, it’s important to review the plan as well as the goal to identify the loophole.  

Constantly analyzing your performance helps you identify your strong and weak points. 

Avoid distraction 

Preparing for examinations as tough as JEE and NEET exam leaves no space for getting distracted. However, distractions are an unavoidable part of life that is really difficult to manage. To deal with distractions, experts do not recommend avoiding them or discarding them completely. Instead, you need to identify your distraction and cut it from the root.  

For example, if the TV in your room distracts you continuously and tempts you to turn it on, you can have it taken off the wall instead of ignoring it. There are high chances that when you embrace your distraction and find ways to cut it out of your life, it will not appear in your thoughts again. 

Stay dedicated and punctual

Staying dedicated to your goals is a really difficult task. You might be really excited to begin your preparation, but there might come a time when you start making excuses to avoid it.   

There are no excuses when treading the path to success. Fighting the resistance with positivity is the best way to stay dedicated to your goal. Maintain a positive attitude towards life to steer clear of distractions and be committed to your exam preparation. 

Plan ahead 

Being spontaneous in your JEE/NEET preparation rarely works out in the long run. One of the best traits of a JEE/NEET aspirant is that they plan and organize their schedule to accommodate all necessary aspects of their life into the span of 24 hours. A NEET topper’s timetable is built in a way to help them cover their syllabus just in time to accommodate revisions before their exam. They balance their hobbies, passion and make time to lead a healthy lifestyle with their preparation. 

Understand, don’t memorize 

What most people assume about toppers is that they learn everything by heart, and that’s how they score well. This is a wrong guess. While it’s impossible to learn every topic in the syllabus by heart, it is important to thoroughly understand every concept. All the concepts form the basis for complex and difficult questions in the exam. 


As they say, “Practice makes a man perfect.” The more you practice something, the better results you’ll yield. One of the unique traits of a topper is that they practice every day. Previous years’ question papers, important questions, and mock tests from reference books make you well-aware of your areas of strengths and weaknesses and familiarize you with the examination pattern. 

Believe in yourself 

When you aren’t confident about your abilities, you start doubting yourself and make yourself believe that your efforts will never be enough. These self-deprecating thoughts don’t allow you to perform better on the exam or, generally, in life. A peculiar trait of high performers is that they believe in themselves. This belief helps them achieve great things in life. 

On the other hand, being overconfident also backfires. While trying to establish your belief in yourself, do not try to pull others down or think too highly of yourself. These traits will eventually distract you and prevent you from working hard to achieve your results. 

Be Healthy 

A healthy lifestyle gives rise to a healthy body and mind. With the right lifestyle and eating habits, it becomes easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The best way to stay dedicated, persistent, and focused on your exam is to be healthy and calm. That’s one of the tips that JEE and NEET exam topper interviews indicate about scoring better on the exams.  


Apart from sheer hard work, it’s the daily routine and toppers’ study schedule that really matters. You can get the maximum output only when you know how and where to put in your energy. Without a schedule, it would be impossible to cover the vast schedule and achieve the set goal. 

Setting up a routine is crucial to your preparations. It gives you direction and motivation to toil hard. Working hard and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will get you golden results every time!