Gone are those days when the influence of schools was just restricted to academic performance. 21st Century schools focus on shaping students’ lives and helping them achieve their academic goals. The new-age pedagogy not only focuses on curriculum-based learning and holistic development but also helps learners explore their interests and nurture their potential for a successful future.  

While many students, at their tender age, aim to go abroad for higher studies and prospective career opportunities, very few can acquire the right information and guidance that can help them work on their dreams. Schools can positively fit into such a situation and guide students on the right path. One of the best ways to guide and mentor students is to join hands with EdTech solution providers and study abroad experts to help students accomplish their Undergrad abroad goals. Counselors and experts help students with all the necessary information and guidance they require to pursue undergrad programs in top colleges or universities abroad.  

Major components required to ace smooth international education 

Preparing to secure an undergrad seat in a top global college and university abroad is not difficult. But the process is elaborated. Thus, students require thorough guidance to ace their dreams of studying abroad. Here are the key integrals required for the admission process.  

  • The application form includes all the personal and professional details. 
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) highlighting the unique purpose and goal of the applicant. 
  • Academic records include grades, credits and degrees received by the applicant. 
  • Letter of recommendations (LOR) from professor enables admission council to get an insight into learner’s life and proceed accordingly. 
  • Good Test scores of entrances like SAT and IELTS help students step into the dream college or university abroad. 

A collaboration with Turito can help schools support their students ace the abroad journey 

Turito has come up with the Gradabroad program, end-to-end guidance to students to help them get admission to their dream universities or colleges abroad. The key integrals of Turito’s study abroad offerings are SAT, IELTS and ACT preparation, Profile Building Guidance, Individualized Counseling and College Application Services. 

Be it offering live interactive online classes, well-structured study material, counselling sessions, doubt clarification sessions, practice tests and full syllabus tests, guidance to write SOPs and credential building activities or comprehensive parent app to help parents track learner’s progress – Turito provides with all.  

Schools, in association with Turito, can organize informative workshops and share knowledge and information with students about the best learning opportunities abroad.  

Mr Uday Reddy, the CEO of Turito has said, “21st Century provides students with a dynamic learning ecosystem and at Turito, we try to help learners brace the best learning opportunities. The Gradabroad Program creates a fine academic spectrum that can increase the chances of students getting into remarkable colleges and universities abroad. We look forward to supporting the schools to help their students excel in academia with the best opportunities.” 

With Turito as an ally, schools can pave the way for their students towards academic success.  

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