Gone are those days, when education was just about scoring good marks to get the best jobs. In today’s dynamic world, education is not only about subject knowledge but should also develop inquisitiveness and joy of learning among students. Thus, when there is a discussion about going abroad for education, it is never restricted to helping students with good test prep but also helping them with the overall admission process to help them gather experiences and grow as a person.

Studying abroad has a lot many benefits. The cross-cultural exposure a student gets while studying abroad expands their vision and enriches them. It gives them a scope of meeting new people which further hones communication and social skills. Most importantly, studying abroad paves way for global networking opportunities including global internships, networking fairs, and more to help students build a strong professional network.

Now, the question is, how to get admission to the top universities abroad?

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and ACT (American College Testing) are widely accepted standardized tests for undergraduate admission to colleges and universities in the USA and other countries. These tests are designed to evaluate the college readiness and the intellectual capability of an aspirant. Therefore, acing these tests with a perfect score is the most essential part of having a successful academic career abroad.

Turito, the new-age learning solution provider, offers a holistic program for admission into the top 100 Global Universities. The key integrals of Turito’s study abroad offerings are SAT, IELTS and ACT preparation, Profile Building Guidance, Individualized Counseling and College Application Services. To provide end-to-end guidance to students, Turito’s experts provide a personalized roadmap for each student based on their present grade and the targeted admission intake. In addition to this, there is a dedicated counselor to address all the academic and admission-related concerns of each student.

Mr Uday Reddy, the CEO of Turito has said, “I envision bringing resourceful academic excellence to every student by an ideal amalgamation of expert tutors and technology with customized curriculum. Our offerings are designed to create a fine academic spectrum that can increase the chances of students to get into the Ivy League and all the other remarkable universities abroad.”

Here is how Turito provides a winning edge to get into the best global universities

Starting from two-teacher model-based live interactive online classes, study material access, counselling sessions, doubt clarification sessions to practice tests and full syllabus tests – Turito provides a comprehensive learning experience. The expert mentors of Turito provide personalized mentoring and guidance for credential building activities and drafting SOPs. In addition to these, the all-inclusive parent app empowers parents to track their child’s performance and progress in real-time.

Helping students with the finest learning experience and motivating them to achieve excellence is what Turito strives for through its premium offerings, state-of-the-art pedagogy and best mentors.

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