Education abroad is a dream of thousands of students. However, many of us lack proper information about the prospects and scope of pursuing education abroad. Some even feel the expense of education and staying abroad can be difficult to bear and choose to stay away from their dream. But if you ask us if you can study abroad after the 12th, our answer will be “Yes”. Any student is capable of accomplishing their dreams of pursuing education abroad. It is interesting to note that, according to research, only 1 in 93 Indian students applying for admission into the top Indian colleges get into them. However, 1 in just 7 Indian applicants gets into the top foreign universities. These statistics can completely transform our thoughts about education abroad and prove by gathering the right set of information, persistence, hard work, and proper guidance any student can ace their dream of studying abroad after the 12th. 

Can we study abroad after 12th? 

Yes. Indian students can pursue graduation abroad. As students, they only need to focus on their dream and work towards them. Here are the major components students need to fulfill to study abroad.  

The application form talks about all the personal and professional details of the applicant. Students who are aiming to pursue graduation abroad need to fill in the forms mandatorily. Mostly, the structure of the application differs from one college to another. Every college provides these forms online. Students need to visit the college/university websites where they wish to join and can fill in those forms.  

A statement of Purpose (SOP) is the introduction to colleges or universities that highlights the unique purpose and goal of the applicant. This is an essential part of the college application process. Colleges look out for unique students with unique perspectives and purposes to join the program. Therefore, students need to draft this document carefully. It is always better to consult teachers or guides whenever the student is finalizing the SOP. 

Transcript/ academic records including grades, credits, and degrees received by the applicant are some mandatory documents students should carry during the college application process. These documents support the application declaration a student has made and vouch for the applicant’s academic journey and success.  

A letter of recommendation (LOR) from a professor or coach is an important component to ace the academic journey abroad. It enables the admission council to get an insight into the students’ life and their achievements. A LOR is a direct reference that helps college/university authorities to decide the strength and skill sets of the applicant. 

Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume can provide a comprehensive insight into the applicant’s academic timeline. Colleges often ask for it. Thus, students must keep it ready if they wish to study abroad.  

To pursue education abroad, students need to clear some entrance exams. There are some generic exams like IELTS (International English Language Testing System) that test the English proficiency of students who aim to receive higher education abroad. However, there are other entrances especially for students to get admission to college/university. Students need to ace entrances like SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), and ACT (American College Test) and score good marks to secure a seat in a good college/university abroad.  

How can I study abroad after 12th free? 

 We often think education abroad is highly expensive and it is very difficult to manage the expense of a student who chooses to pursue education outside his/her homeland. However, there are always different ways to reduce the expense of education abroad. The best way to study abroad for free is to get a scholarship. There are many scholarship opportunities available that help students continue their education abroad. The process of receiving a scholarship can be tough. However, students must put honest efforts to achieve it. Scholarships can help students with a stipend or a one-time financial grant. That can be used for college fees, living expenses, medical check-ups, etc.    

Often, colleges or universities grant scholarships to students. But, if that is not the situation, students can apply for other scholarships. There are many Government and Private Scholarships available for students who pursue education abroad after the 12th.    

Here are some of the best scholarships students can check out.    

Tata Scholarships   

Great Scholarships India  

Commonwealth Scholarship  

Inlaks Scholarship  

Chinese Government Scholarships 

What are the benefits of studying abroad after 12th? 

There are numerous benefits after the 12th. They are –   

Studying abroad after the 12th can allow students to grow up as global citizens. It gives them access to many opportunities in life and motivates them to think like independent individuals and take their own decisions. Studying abroad also helps them adapt to new surroundings.  

Having a UG degree abroad exposes students to great internship opportunities and they get also noticed by employers around the world. Students even get a chance to stay back in a foreign country after completing their education.   

Staying abroad can hone students’ language skills and expose them to new countries and their cultures.  

Pursuing graduation abroad brings out the best among students and helps them to become self-reliant at a young age.  

The course curriculum and framework in overseas universities are well-researched, designed, and mindfully curated. The academic structure abroad focuses on practical learning rather than theoretical information gathering.  

Studying abroad can be expensive but the return on investment is always handsome. Moreover, students can always apply for scholarships to pursue education as foreign countries welcome students to be a part of their education system.  

By staying away from home for years students learn to grow as an individual and acquire life skills that stay with them forever.  

Countries like Germany, the US, the UK, and France provide the students with stay-back options for research and development.  

There is a wide range of courses available abroad which students can choose from. Therefore, it can be considered one of the best learning opportunities for students.     

Study abroad after 12th– Turn the dream into reality with Turito  

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Turito helps students with SAT, IELTS preparation, college application guidance, and support for all the pre- & post-admission activities.   

It also has a strong university connection segment to ensure guaranteed admission for students abroad. The process helps aspirants resolve all their doubts related to the country, college, or courses.    

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